November 1st, 2013

Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

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One last, short update from the Petland stuff. I thought it was over and done with buuttt...

Yesterday, the stock manager phoned me. He said that he had been told I had been in that weekend asking about the terranium again. And then he told that last week he had gotten in contact with the distributor, and they had mentioned that it would be in November 1st. Last week, as in when he was supposed to call me about the status of my terranium, and before I even went in to get the different one. Would I have waited until November 1st (or, as it turns out, October 31st, as it came in yesterday. Which is why he finally called me. Despite the fact that he works Monday - Friday and had been sitting on this information for an entire week), I don't know. But he told me I could come pick it up. I told him I had ended up getting a different one, thanks very much. Then he went on about all the other 75 gallon terraniums that they had in store. And then told me his last day was November 8th, but he was moving to Other Petstore In The City if I ever wanted to use him to get product for me in the future.

... I'll pass, thanks.
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