October 24th, 2013

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I'm a bit confused about this one. Maybe it isn't bad service, but this is still frustrating.

So I ordered two pairs of shoes online a couple days ago. One of the pairs, the more expensive one, is backordered.

So I go onto my bank account, and there are two charges listed as processing from the company. One is the total cost for both pairs of shoes ($124), and the other is the cost for the backordered one ($95).

I called the company to figure out what was going on. The person on the phone said that the extra charge would fall off once the backordered shoes were shipped. He kept insisting to me that the money is still in my bank. And I get that, but to me that doesn't matter because my bank is holding that money. It is money I can't spend for a month now, money that should be mine because the total amount of my chage was $124, not $124+$95.

Am I wrong, or am I right in thinking that this is either a mistake or a really bad policy?

What's that saying about death and taxes...?

My father passed away almost five and a half years ago; my mother filled out all the necessary paperwork, and has been receiving the appropriate benefits ever since. What should arrive in the mail yesterday but a letter from HMRC, a/k/a Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, telling her that they were sorry for disturbing her in light of her recent bereavement but that she needed to ensure that the proper documentation was filled out to ensure that she was getting the correct benefits. Not only was all this documentation filled out right after my father died, but only in the British tax system would five and a half years count as "recent". Ye gods.