October 12th, 2013

A Adam BTIKM Light Are You Kidding

What DO You Have?

This evening I went to the big city to get something to eat. I live in the boonies and am 15 minutes from the big city, which is actually a very small city. Anyway, I decided to go to Burger King and try their new fries. I pulled up to the drive thru and ordered a fish sandwich. The girl asked me if I wanted a combo. I asked if that came with the free fries. No, those only come in a sample size. Ok, I'll take a combo with regular fries and a regular iced tea, no lemon.

Did I want anything else? I asked if they had donut holes. No. Ok, I'll take four mini cinabons. Sorry, we only have 2. :Sigh: Ok, I'll take those 2 and a piece of apple pie. Is that all? Yep. Here's your total, drive around.

I handed over my credit card and she handed me my iced tea. From past experience, I now take a drink of the tea before I drive off. Yep, it was sweet tea. I gave it back. Oh, sorry! We don't have any regular tea. But he's making some right now if you want to wait. "Jesus Christ!" If I do that, the tea will be warm and the ice will melt before I get home. Yes, the manager agreed with me. Blank stares from the two associates. Ok, I'll take a Dr. Pepper.

Now, the good part. Manager says don't let her leave. I'm getting her a coupon. Then he printed one out and I got a coupon for some cinabons. That does not make up for the fact that you did not have three different items I wanted and that you gave me the wrong drink the first time around.

EDIT: I get the point. It wasn't bad service, it was normal service. There is no reason for anyone else to tell me that. I am not reading any more comments on this post, so posting will be a waste of your time. Thanks.