October 7th, 2013

Never Fading

I'm going to rip BoA a new one

Last Tuesday I went horseback riding for my birthday (as a present to me). Somehow my wallet fell out and got left in the woods. After searching for two hours and with vauge directions from the lead horse guy, I gave up. I call it a loss and went about canceling credit cards and getting new IDs.

I called up my credit card which is through Bank of America. I explained what happened and the CS rep told me he could expedite me a new card in 1-2 days via FedEx with no fee. Kinda sounded too good to be true, but I said yes please.

Come Friday I had no card. I call up and the new rep had no mention of me ordering a new card let alone by FedEx. She said she'll order a new one and waive the fee. Great. I expected it by Monday.

Here is is Monday and I call just to see when I should expect it. I am lucky Mon/Tues are my days off. The rep tells me it was being sent to me snail mail and I should expect in Sat. WHAT. Why?! Argh! So I again go through the song and dance and she told me she'll have it arrive TOMORROW and NO FEE (I'm so going to be watching out for this. But at this point I'll pay the fing $15 if it means I can have my damn credit card).

I wish I could say that my debit card would come as fast, but now I'll just have to hold out the little bit of cash I have left. Argh. I hate money. But I must say this is my first bad experience with BoA. If it doesn't arrive by Tuesday there will be hell to pay.

UPDATE: It DID arrive. And I didn't have to sign. I could have been sleeping, but I'm glad I got it.