October 4th, 2013

bernerners in perjermers

Habitat for Humanity

We are remodeling our kitchen. We decided to give everything out of our old kitchen to Habitat for Humanity. I'm talking quite a few thousand dollars worth of goods all in working order: cabinets, granite counter tops, microwave, cooktop, double ovens, dishwasher, etc.

I had an appointment for them to pick up the stuff at 1:30 today. It's now 2:00, so I called to find out what their ETA is. The person at the restore got snide with me and told me that they'd pick up when they could. I said that was fine and dandy, but I couldn't wait all afternoon for them. I asked for a more specific time than "when they could." She gave me the cell of the truck driver.

I call the truck driver, and he tells me, "Oh, yeah, we decided to put someone else ahead of you because she had a tight schedule." I explained that I cannot wait all afternoon either and that I was scheduled for 1:30. Driver said, at 2:00 mind you, that he still had half an hour more work to do and then had to drop the stuff off at the warehouse before coming here. I asked when he thought he could be here. He said maybe an hour. I told him that would be fine, but that I couldn't wait much longer than that. I also told him that I was disappointed that I had to call him in order to find out that he would be an hour and a half later than my appointment. He gave it, "I'll come when I can." No apology.

So I guess this bad service comes with a question (will post to bad_service and TQC). If they aren't here by 3:30 or so which would be half an hour later than the hour they just told me and 2 hours later than my appointment, should I call them and cancel the pick up? I'm sure there are tons of other charities that would love a complete kitchen that will be slightly more grateful for the donation. Thoughts?

Edit: They showed up just before 4. I hope that somebody who needs a kitchen gets one and can cook in good health for a long time to come.