October 2nd, 2013

No, really...its not underwear!!

I found a great pair of shorts at Marshalls. Couple inches above the knee, small houndstooth pattern in black and light blue on a white background. I guess they're meant to be swimwear but when they get wet...well, James and the Giant Peaches become quite...noticeable, so they're shorts for good. Anyways, ran to a gas station with my cousin, friend, and fiance. We went in, shopped around for munchies, then the cashier apparently decided playing body police was necessary. She tells me how "innapropriate" it was to be "palling around town" in just underwear. I guess they could look a little boxer-ish, with the length and pattern, but boxers generally don't have zippers and belt loops. After some back and forth with her, pointing out the zipper, belt, and pulling my boxers down below the leg, she flat out refused to ring me up. "We reserve the right to refuse business" was her official answer, also chimed in that she never serves guys or girls when they are "nearly naked"...We are in South fucking Florida here, I can't believe there have never been shorts shorter than mine. And where would she stand on pajama pants?? I left without making a thing out of it, everyone else chose to make their purchases elsewhere and left with me and we went to a different place down the street with no issue at all. I think I'll visit tomorrow and speak to a manager though.
Bad Kitty

Ford Dealership

So...2001 Ford ZX2 bought new. Three years into a five year warranty and the car all of a sudden wants to crank for 20-30 seconds before starting so I take it to the dealership. The dealership charges me $80 for a diagnostic and tells me there is nothing wrong with the car. When I question the excessive cranking on start-up I am told that's just the way Ford's are as they get older. I did take it to an independent mechanic who determined that the fuel pressure at start-up was low, most likely a faulty but still functioning fuel pump. He suggests leaving the key in the on position for 10-15 seconds before attempting to crank and that seems to work just fine.

Flash forward to a year ago when I bring the car in to the dealership for something specific.

Mech: We did our standard gagillion point check and you have a serious problem with your fuel pump!
Me: Just fix what i brought it in for.
Mech: If we don't fix your fuel pump you could be stranded on the side of the road!
Me: Just what I brought it in for.
Mech: If we don't fix the pump your car is going to just die on you!
Me: No. That's just how Fords are. When they get older it takes a long time to crank and turnover.
Mech: That's idiotic, who told you that!
Me: Your mechanics told me that when I brought it in nine years ago while it was under warranty. If you really think they were wrong you can fix it for free, otherwise just fix what I told you to and stop bothering me.
Mech: Uhm, OK. We'll fix what you brought it in for.