September 13th, 2013

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My goddamn /head/. *annoyance*

Dear Maintenance People,

It's cool that you're doing your job, and hacking the trees and bushes with power tools to baldness so winter won't come and kill everything. But you know what isn't cool?

Starting at 7:35am.

Seriously. Shut up, and go back to your vans until after 9:00am. a later time (would have been a better thing to say)


No love,



So apparently, divided opinions abounds.

Half of you think it's it's a-okay to start powertools up at seven thirty in the morning because it's the standard time for DIY work and that I should suck it up because asking them to wait for a later time would be wrong of me, from practical, business, and adult points of view.

Other half think it's bloody unfair because it disturbs sleep etc. and while it may not be illegal, it's bad service in a nutshell.

Me personally? I think it's bad service. If my neighbours started up with power tools at 7:30am I'd go loopy. I really don't see why it's any different. No, it's not going to change, but I think it's a bad policy.

But, make of it what you will. I feel differently to a few other people, and there are some who agree with me. I appreciate the comments to give different opinions and share experiences/stories.

Edit 2:

*marked it as an annoyance*

Also, some people are taking this super super seriously.

I'm aware that my complaint isn't going to do anything - I'm not expecting them to turn around and say, "Oh, I'm so sorry. We'll get out of of here for two hours!" but this is a community to complain about things that are annoyances and wtfs too. This was annoying and I felt bad policy - 8:00 would be better, I think. But hey, different opinions are awesome. :D Thanks for opinions and time to comment again.
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