August 28th, 2013

Does Not Play Well With Others
  • sestree

The previous post reminded me of our comcast fun n games

So we've had comcast cable and internet since 2001.  We've had regular boxes and digital boxes both but that is it - no DVRs.

We decided to change our service to FIOS.  Fine.

We turn in our equipment and get a receipt.  Fine.

I even ask - IS THAT EVERYTHING? (thinking just in case ya know) Nope all good.

Wait for it ............  nope.  Husband starts getting calls while I am at work. Return our equipment blah blah blah.  Each time he tries to explain we did return everything they said yeah sure fine all good then CALL AGAIN.  Call catch him and nag about returning equipment we never even had.  Call and leave voicemails about returning equipment.  It was all pretty upsetting for him since when he gets upset (parkinsons) he stutters and that makes it more difficult to hold phone conversations.  Didn't matter - call call call call call.

Unfortunately for them they caught me the last time they called.  I'll admit this runs right into customer suck territory but it was the final straw and I was ticked.  Did the whole go around again - no DVRs never have had DVRs etc etc.  Then asked them if they wished to speak with our lawyer and a rep from the ADA next time they called to harass my husband (who is disabled - yeah I hate playing that card but I also don't like him being upset either) for equipment we didn't even have.  No really it would be MY PLEASURE.  Can we schedule that next call for a conference call?  No not necessary?  OK gee thank you very much and yes have a nice day.

Whaddya know?  no more phone calls.

tldr; comcast calls says give back equipment, we say we did, they say ok, lather rinse repeat the next day

Witnessed Bad Service

Because I was running a bit late today, I stopped at my university's Subway for a quick bite. As I was ordering, I noticed a younger student walk in, looking really confused. She walked up to the register just before I got there.

Her: *with a rather thick accent and broken English* Excuse me, may I-
Cashier: Back of the line!
Her: Um... But?
Cashier: You don't order here! Back of the line!

The cashier than turned and ignored the girl, instead focusing on the gentleman that was right in front of me. The girl stepped back, so I quietly asked her if she had ever been to a Subway before. She shook her head no. I whispered to her how to order, and she thanked me and headed for the back of the line.

When it was my turn to pay, the cahier started making fun of her, commenting that it's obvious how to order here, and that girl (spoken with venom) should learn before making a fool of herself and cutting people off. I gave the cashier a hard look and said that apparently she had never been to a Subway before, and she should watch what she says. I paid and stormed out.

I know that people will make rude comments about customers, but never in front of people! It really bothered me, especially considering the fact that my university has a very large number of international students. It wasn't what I was expecting to hear when I got here, that's for sure.

  • meekkat

Angry Chef/Waiter

This is an incident that I still get upset over even though it happened three years ago. It's most unpleasant because I feel guilty for being a bad customer as well, but I think the service in question was worse.

My husband and I were on our honeymoon in New Zealand. It was New Year's Day, but we needed to eat out because we were tourists and our motel did not serve food. We were in a touristy town on the south island and we found a restaurant nearby through our GPS. We go in and speak to the hostess, who says they usually require reservations for holidays, but they just had a family cancel and we could take their place. Ok, I felt awkward because I hadn't seen anything about reservations for holidays on their website, but it seems like we won't be trouble. The hostess tells us she's working double as a waitress and mentions that she's getting paid time-and a half since it's a holiday. She says please excuse her if service is slow, since it's a holiday no one else wanted to come into work, so they are understaffed. She complains about being stuck with having to work this holiday. From the kitchen, which was open to the restaurant, I hear the chef complaining about having to work New Years, too. So, we look at the menu for a bit and then the chef comes up to us and says he's having to also work as a waiter that day and he will take our order, even though he is the CHEF and as such is normally above the menial task of serving. So, we haven't looked at the menu long enough for me to really decide, but the chef seemed rushed, so my husband went ahead and ordered. He asked if we could split a steak. BIG MISTAKE.

Now, I know that there is a controversy, at least in the US, about whether or not splitting meals is acceptable etiquette. However, in the US, a way to ameliorate the issue is to tip according to the price of two entrees. In New Zealand, there is a general service tax that automatically adds tip, but you can still tip extra, too. We wanted to have some steak but also order other entrees to share, as well as drinks and dessert, and we would have tipped extra on account of splitting and the holiday.

But, my husband did not get to complete our order. The chef at first just asked if we would want an extra plate to share the steak. Then, he paused and said, actually I'm not gonna let you do that. Couldn't we see that we could order two smaller steaks separately!? (No, I hadn't noticed that, and I understand him wanting us to take that option instead.) He said, "You come in here, on New Year's Day, and expect this!?" He went on a tirade saying that we were mean, selfish, spiteful people for trying to cheat him and the restaurant on a holiday. He ended by saying that we could have the two separate steaks, and because he was a gentleman, he wouldn't spit on them. We couldn't get a word in edgewise and his display probably disturbed the few other people dining that day. He stormed off, saying that the waitress would have to finish our order because he was too angry to deal with us any more. We left, since we didn't trust him to actually not spit on our food, and the whole experience would have been awkward since he was so belligerent.

I was really, really, upset. I try my best to be polite and nice to people and I'd never in my life been called mean before. I know that he was pissed about working the holiday and probably saw us as typical Rude Americans, but there was no need for him to yell and be judgmental and make assumptions about our character. He could have just said, "Sorry, but we don't allow meals to be split." Or, if the restaurant didn't actually have a no splitting policy, he could have politely mentioned that we could also choose the two smaller steaks.

I still have fantasies about yelling back at him. Asshole.