August 22nd, 2013

  • charuby

Doctor woes

I haven't seen my doctor for over two years because he basically called me a hypochondriac. My manager at the charity shop said he told her that she was a time waster, and that there was nothing wrong with her. He constantly jokes around when all everyone wants is some advice or help with something. My mum's not well at the moment, so she went to see the doctor, who turned around and said she just needs a life. Stop worrying, find a millionaire and marry him, it will solve ALL your problems.

WTF? No. That is NOT what she wants to hear. He refused to send her for blood tests and finally said that she's probably just anemic, because of her periods, but not to worry because she'll go through the menopause soon anyway. She had a hysterectomy five years ago, which he should know about (I know, he can't be expected to know everything but there was a massive issue with her periods and he told her then that there was nothing wrong. She ended up having a fibroid the size of a watermelon. After about two years, he finally sent her for a hysterectomy).

My mum is going to complain. Enough is enough.