August 21st, 2013

gwen spidey

Liberty Medical, go fuck yourself.

I've been ordering my diabetic insulin pump supplies from Liberty Medical for going on six or seven years now. To my knowledge, we've never really had a problem until more recently.

My last order was in April or so. I called, ordered the supplies, was told 7-10 business days, the end. Except, when two weeks passed, nothing. When I call in to them, half the time they're SO busy that a wait time could easily be ten minutes, or could easily be thirty. After two weeks, that's what happened, to where I literally couldn't hold any longer because I had things to do. I decided maybe it was a fluke in the system (my bad), and waited another week. When I called in that day, I waited on hold with the billing department, and thankfully wound up speaking to a nicer guy who told me that my account was currently on a financial hold because my account balance was over $800. I checked my emails and my mothers (who is on the account as the person who pays? i don't know the term), and we check the mail daily, and there had been NO notification whatsoever that my account was in jeopardy. I called my mom, who called back and asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that there wasn't one available/she could call her back (which she never did, despite my mom calling on three separate occasions and asking to speak with a supervisor). My mom wound up paying however much she needed to so they would release my supplies. We were told from then on that as long as my account didn't exceed $800, we would be fine as far as supplies being sent out.

Fast forward to now. Two weeks ago I put in an order and was told that my prescription had expired and that it'd be a 7-10 day wait. As soon as I put in my order, I called the billing department to check the balance on my account and to ensure that my supplies would be sent out, and was told that there would be no problems as far as my account balance. I called last Thursday and had the same hold problem as the last time I ordered. I called again this morning and was, yet again, told that my account was on a financial hold and that I needed to speak with the billing department. After being transferred, the lady gives me my balance, which was not only under $800, it was fifty dollars LESS than when I called two weeks prior! When I told her that we had been told by several people that as long as the account balance didn't exceed $800, we were fine, and that I had literally spoken to someone two weeks prior about whether or not my account would be under a financial hold (and was told no), her literal response was "Well, sometimes things change. Would you like to set up a payment arrangement?" I asked to speak to a supervisor, there "wasn't one available", so one is supposed to call me today. I won't hold my breath. My mom asked for the phone number so I imagine she's going to talk to them considering she's the actual person paying on my account.

And yet again? No notification. No letter, no email, no call, nothing. Nothing to let us know that, hey, we're not gonna send you the supplies that you need to live!

I really don't know what I can do about this. The only other option I've ever had and known of was ordering straight from my supply company, but they were just as much of a nightmare if not worse than these people. I've thought about writing an email about it to Liberty, but I don't know what to say (and frankly I'm too pissed right now for it to not come out sounding horrible). I just know that if they can lose my business, they certainly will after this.