August 13th, 2013

Angel Dumb World
  • cait_85

Credit card crazy!

So the last couple of months have been kind of crazy for me. A few problems at home (dad is currently seriously ill in hospital, although no one really seems to know what is actually wrong with him) have meant that I've sort of lost track of time to a certain extent as my days have become an endless cycle of 'go to work, visit the hospital, go home and sleep' and one of the results of that is that I forgot to pay my credit card bill last month. Believe me, no one is more cross about this than me!

So Friday evening I get home to find no less than 3 letters from the credit card company waiting for me. All with the same date on them, all advising I'd missed a payment, all giving the same total balance owed. In a panic I went straight online and paid the full balance, assuming this would clear card entirely and avoid any repeats.

The next morning I was telling my
Mum about it and she suggested I call the credit card company to let them know what was going on just out of courtesy which I did. I really wish I hadn't now though!

The woman I spoke to started out sounding disinterested as I explained what had happened and offered some very insincere sounding condolences when I explained about my dad (ok, I'll let that slide, I'm guessing they get lots of sob stories about why bills haven't been paid so ill forgive her for not caring about mine). She then offered to set up a direct debit to avoid the same thing happening next month. I thanked her but declined, explaining that my intention had been to pay everything off and then cancel the card which was what I was now going to do as I had paid the full balance the night before. So imagine my shock when she tells me I still owe 16p! I asked why and she told me that the balance I paid the night before was the opening balance for the month - as we are now part way through the month I owe about more interest. I asked how come - my statements show interest is applied at the end of the month so how can it be going on their records by the day. She didn't answer, just said that to close the account I would have to pay 16p. It wasn't really worth arguing for that amount so I offered to pay her then and there but no, they can't process payments for less than £5! I asked how I was supposed to pay and asked if I could do it online and she said no, I have to go into the bank to pay in person! So to pay off this 16p. I have to leave work early one day (thus losing an hours pay) in order to drive into town and get to the bank before they close, I have to pay petrol and parking for it too, all for 16p! I told her this and her response was 'well I can't help that ma'am'.