August 11th, 2013

eiffel tower

Shady Business Practices from Fido

I saw a commercial for a plan offered by Fido that was way better than what I had with them right now: unlimited Canada-wide calling, texting, and long distance, with 1 GB of data, digital voicemail, Who Called™, and name display for $65 a month. I have a three-year contract with them, and the last time I tried to switch to one of their plans, they told me it was only for new activations (a lie, as I later found out).

This time I sent Fido a tweet and asked if this plan was available for everyone, or just new activations. They assured me I could switch to that plan and someone would email me so we could work things out. I got an email the following day that explained the $65 plan was no longer available. Yep, in less than twelve hours this plan, which is still (as of today) being advertised on their site and on TV is not available.

I was in the process of searching the phone number for retention, when I received a second email offering me a very similar plan, which included 150 weekday local minutes (instead of unlimited) and 6 GB of data (instead of 1 GB) all for $67. I don't use that many daytime minutes in a month and I was only switching for more data (I currently have 500 MB), so I accepted this offer.

I don't really know what to classify this as, honestly. It's bad service they lied to me, definitely, but I can't understand why they'd lie about the plan not being available anymore and offer me an alternative that would only net them $2 more a month - that's pennies to me and most likely pennies to them.

Do you think it's worth it writing to Fido about this? They didn't seem to care the last time, when my mom complained about their plans only being available for new activations (never mind that my parents have been with Fido since they were founded - you'd think they'd want to hold onto customers they've had for nearly twenty years).

Edit: I just got my account change confirmation via email and have solved the mystery as to why they were so willing to give me more data for not much more than the original plan I wanted: the new data plan, unbeknownst to me, came with a new three year term.

My voice contract expires June 18 2014, but my data contract doesn't expire August 17 2016. Apparently when I made some changes to my plan in 2012, they signed me up for a new data contract that expires October 16 2015... without my knowledge (rather, my mom's, since she dealt with it at the time and never would have agreed to this). Never mind that I recently called to find out when my contract with Fido is up and have never been told anything about the October 2015 date. They did the same thing this time: signed me up for a three year contract ending in 2016 (dream on, Fido).

The gentleman I spoke with changed the new, 6 GB data plan to expire at the same time as my old data plan (2015 instead of 2017). My mother is now on the phone with them trying to get them to change it so everything ends in 2014, because she's way better at this stuff than I am.

Edit 2: All's well that ends well (when you get your mommy involved [don't worry - I didn't go crying to my mom for no reason: my phone is under her name]). The rep she spoke to agreed it's ridiculous that my contract ends on two separate dates, so now everything ends on June 2014, as it was supposed to.