August 10th, 2013


How about a sign or something?

Small in the scheme of things, but irritating nonetheless.

Went to Saloncentric, a professional beauty supply store today. I had a lot to pick up - tomorrow is hair coloring day apparently! - and spent a good deal of time looking/deciding on what I needed and browsing. There were other customers in and out, but it wasn't super busy.

Anyway, I finally get up to check out and go to pay with my card. "Oh, I don't know if we can use that. Our card reader's been down all day." I just kind of stared at her. She tried, it didn't work, and since they couldn't do it the old fashioned way (with carbon paper), I had to run to the bank and back since I didn't have my checkbook or enough cash.

Seriously though, it bugs me that neither of the workers could tell anyone about that in advance, or put up a sign saying what was up.