July 22nd, 2013

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Judgy McBank

Just a little one.

I've been unemployed for a while (starting a new job next Monday!), and a few months ago I called my bank to see if there was anything they could do to make paying off my debts easier.  It turns out that they can't without me taking a hit to my credit report, and since I was still just scraping by, I said thanks but no thanks.  They also offered to put a free 'control' on my account for six months, which would prevent me from spending more than I had in the account and incurring fees.  Since it was free I went with it, and put a note on my calender to cancel it before they started charging.

Last week, I went into a branch to pay in some cash, and remembered to ask about cancelling the control.  The cashier told me I'd need to call the customer service centre, and gave me a number which she lead me to believe was for the correct department.  I finally got around to ringing it today.

It was for a debt helpline.

I called the actual customer service centre from the normal number, and they were able to just transfer me to the right department.  I asked how I'd go about making a complaint and told the advisor what had happened.  The advisor suggested that maybe the cashier just mixed up the numbers, so I held off on making a complaint then.  I've been thinking about it all afternoon though, and I'm still quite offended.  Even if it was some kind of innocent brain blip, I feel like I should say something so it doesn't happen to someone else.

I guess I'm here for a bit of a reality check, because I know people, including me, don't make wise decisions when upset.   Would it be overreacting to complain to the cashier's manager?
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Tesco Opticians... Argh!

My vision is pretty bad, so I wear contact lenses. Since I am all over the place, I wear extended wear lenses (ones you can sleep in) so that I don't have to set aside extra time in my day to put the blasted things in every morning. Plus, on a monthly basis, it works out cheaper.

Since extended wear lenses come with a little bit of an extra eye health risk, I have to have an eye exam every six months instead of every twelve. My last exam was a little over three months ago and I need to order another three months supply (can't order in one month goes). Tried to order online (my nearest Tesco Optician is a 20 minute drive away) and they said my lense specification is about to expire so I can't order more lenses. Since my next eye test isn't due until October 17th, I was obviously confused.
I called them up and asked them about this. Apparently, because my test is due less than three months from today (by 4 days!), they will not send me any more lenses. I must have an eye appointment first. But the reason why I didn't order 4 days ago is because my contact lenses aren't due to come out until next week and my lenses take a week to come in.
The dates don't line up because I had my eye test on the 17th April and it took them a week to order in my lenses and then another three days before they reached me (they were posted). So my current pair of lenses aren't due to come out until 27th July. But they don't factor that in when you order lenses. So I'm stuck unless I drive to the next county over for an eye exam that's three months (sorry, just under three months) too early.
My mum's local Tesco (where I used to get my appointments before I moved) were nice enough to order a sample for me, that she's going to bring up at the weekend.
In the meantime, I have to speak to the branch that conducted my eye exam to see if they'll send me two month's supply, since I don't have a day off for two weeks (when I'm not working, I'm at family functions), and that'll be a Sunday, so it won't be open.
The kicker? No one is picking up the phone.