July 19th, 2013


Comcast Xfinity Alarm Calls...for someone else

I'm getting quite frustrated and no one at the alarm dispatch or Comcast seems to be able to figure out how to fix this. A few months ago I got a new work cell with a number previously owned by a "John Smith."  Unfortunately, Mr. Smith doesn't like to pay his bills and I got around the clock collection calls stopped after a few weeks.

A new problem has recently arisen that he has assigned this number to be called when his security system has been tripped which occurs around 11 pm to 4 am (so far) at least weekly. I have told the dispatchers numerous times I do not know him and to please remove my number. They tell me they cannot remove the number as they usually do for some reason and I know it's not their fault. One told me to call Xfinity and I spent 20 minutes on the phone convincing the CSR that it had nothing to do with MY account and they needed to figure out how to remove my number from another account. I have a name, partial address and a phone number. I was told the number would be put on a "do not call list," but that has not changed anything.

Any ideas how to get this to stop? I'm on call 24/7 every other week and have to have my phone handy for actual emergency calls. Being woken at 2 am is seriously limiting my sleep. My cell is through ATT and my cheap phone (Pantech slider with a keyboard and touchscreen) doesn't have a way to set certain contacts to silent.

ETA: AT&T's best solution was to change my phone number if I wasn't too attached to anything associated with. Since this will actually cut down on calls and texts from clients who should be calling my work instead I don't mind at all. Number has been changed and Xfinity will just get a disconnected number if they call again.

Hertz 24/7

I am absolutely furious with Hertz right now.

A month ago, I signed up for Hertz 24/7, where they mail you a key fob and then you can rent and return cars outside of their normal business hours. On their website, in multiple places, it says you will receive the key fob in 3 business days. When I did not, I called their customer service line and was told no, it's actually 7 business days. That irritated me, but I let it slide.

I rented a car for the first time from them on Saturday, 13th July. There was no fuel card in the vehicle, like there was supposed to be, but I knew from reading the website beforehand that if that happened, you could pay for the fuel yourself and get reimbursed. So, I did that. When I got home that same day, I emailed the fuel receipt to the email address listed on their website, noting that it said I would receive a refund in 48 hours. Well, it's been 5 days now, and I have not received any refund, or any contact. I double check the FAQs on the website - yep, 48 hours.

I call their customer care number, and proceed to speak to the most patronising, infuriating woman ever. She explains to me, like I am a child, that it takes 7-10 business days to process a fuel refund request. She did not care in the slightest when I told her that it says 48 hours on their website. She tells me these things take time, acting like I am crazy for expecting it to happen in such a short period of time. She tells me to use the link on their website to complain about it, and directs me there. On that page is the same number I just called, I say, can I not get you to file the complaint? She says she will, in a tone that implies she definitely will not. I ask to speak to a supervisor, and she informs me that there aren't any available, and she will request one to call me back within 3-5 business days. I'm sorry, what? At that point, it's possible I strayed slightly into customers_suck territory. I said I was extremely unimpressed with the way they conduct their business, and all the incorrect information they supply on their website, and I was seriously considering not using them again. She laughed. Yes, she laughed. And at that point, I hung up.

I can't find any other number to call about this except the one I already called. I would love to speak to someone higher up, but apparently that takes a ridiculously long time (and I highly doubt they would call back, anyway). Does anyone know how I can find a complaints number where someone will take me seriously?