July 17th, 2013

Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Bad hair from where I work

I've had the same hairdresser since before she was in hair school (a friend of mine), and she always did really well. Unfortunately, she does really well, so I usually have to book about three weeks in advance to see her now, and though she gives me a discount, it's always rather expensive for me to get my hair done from her. Last year, I started working in a very high end spa as a massage therapist, and I got 50% off all services, including hair.

At the time of my first appointment, I had a Chelsea cut. Bangs, some longer bits at the side, and the back of my head shaved (photo). I wanted my bangs to be a dark, almost black, purple (this colour). I guess the hairdresser didn't know that they actually had that colour, so she tried to mix it using black dye with a few shots of purple colour. She ended up getting the head hairdresser and trying to fix it once it turned out, well, black, and you could almost kind of see a bit of purple by the end of it.

I ended up growing the back of my hair out, and decided to give it another shot. I ended up with another hair stylist, but I told him what the other girl had done ("Do not use black dye with colour shots, it doesn't work). I wanted black-blue in the back, and black-purple for my bangs. He brought out the book of fun colours, and I specifically pointed out which two colours I wanted for my hair.

"Great," is what I assume he thought. "Those are the colours you want? I won't use them. Instead, I'll get some black dye and mix some colour shots in with them even though that's what you specifically told me what not to do. I just had you pick out the colours you wanted so that you could pretend you were getting what you wanted."

Anyway, it was pretty awkward because I work with the dude, so I couldn't really complain, and I couldn't immediately go to my old hair dresser and get it fixed. I look good with black hair, so it wasn't so bad. Just ... super boring, and monotone, and not at all what I wanted after I very specifically said that that's not what I wanted (so black).

I honestly cannot figure out why he didn't just use the colours I pointed out to him.

Anyway, I waited a couple months, then went to my old hairdresser to get something different. I wanted "fire" hair, which I've had before (red, copper, and blonde), and she did the best she could, though we had to skip on the blonde because the black didn't lift from my hair well enough. Nevertheless, I'm quite happy that I ended up forking over the extra money, and very bummed out that she's going on mat leave soon.

On another note, one of my other coworkers went to Head Hairstylist a few times, and more than once had her hair fucked up, and all she ever got done was blonde. I can't figure out why such a high end place, with excellent estheticians/nail techs (Look at my super awesome nails that I got done for my birthday! Hand painted!)/massage therapists (not to brag), has such a sub-par hair staff.