July 11th, 2013

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US Airways MAJOR bad service

To preface this post, this is NOT my story. This is a *MAJOR* bad_service saga that started yesterday and is CURRENTLY ONGOING. It's happening to a school friend and her husband. I don't fully understand how Facebook commenting works on this community, so hopefully they will be able to reply to the comments on here. Also, FYI, this is a block of text. They are aggressively pursuing a resolution to this to happen ASAP. I told them I would post this on here so that hopefully you guys will have other avenues for them to take as well as advice. They reside in the Phoenix, AZ area, and so far I know the husband has already had no luck with speaking to US Airways CS and the Frankfurt airport. He has reached out to the Phoenix-area TV news stations.

This is a chain of events via the husband's Facebook page.

For these of you who don't want to navigate to the above link, it's in a cut below.

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UPDATE AS OF FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2013, 8:30PM CENTRAL my friend's husband has posted an update on his Facebook page. The update post he made is public, so it should be viewable. I'll still post the text behind a cut. It's unfortunately not the resolution they're looking for (their daughters still are not with them in Phoenix yet), so they're continuing to pursue this. I have also broken down the posting of the original chain of events the best that I can (from the first LJ cut) but otherwise not edited it in any way, since I was not the one who did the writeup.

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This appears that this is the only update on the situation so far, and that was six hours ago.