July 2nd, 2013

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Where to go from here?

I purchased a LivingSocial deal from Digital 007. I paid for international shipping, because I was in Canada. After over a month of waiting for my item to be shipped, I contacted Digital 007 regarding the status of my item, and they informed me that they do not actually ship to British Columbia. I'm incredibly annoyed at this, because nowhere was it indicated that they did not ship to British Columbia - I paid for shipping to Canada and input my British Columbian address with no issues. I've requested a refund for the shipping and am currently waiting to hear back from them.

After I expressed my frustration with this situation, they sent me this message:

I will notify Living Social to issue a refund or you can call 903.454.3141 and press 0.

Kindest Regards,
Customer Care

Before that, however, I took it upon myself to email Living Social. I emailed them, explained my situation and requested a refund to my credit card. This is where things get a little sticky. They offered me a credit to my Living Social account, which I do not want. There was never any indication I could not redeem this deal, and Digital 007 lead me to believe I could have my item shipped to Canada. I refused their offer and asked for a refund, again, to my credit card.

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Dear medical center I've never heard of,

You should probably rethink giving people the results of their tests on their voicemail. I'm pretty sure that whoever it was whose test results those are is not happy that some random person now has her results. That is more of some stranger's medical information than I ever wanted to know. And I'm pretty sure that is a HIPPAA violation.


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