June 30th, 2013

Staples Copy and Print

I need ten postcards to mail out that day because my printer was running low on ink I decide to get them printed through Staples. I went online and submit the artwork. Then I got an email that said,

Your order will be printed and available for pick up at the Staples Store you selected. Please allow 4 hours for production of your order. If you have any questions about your order, please call the store directly.

So I waited four hours and went to the Staples I sent the order to. When I got there I had to wait for a little bit and then Easy Tech asked if she could help me. I told what I was picking up and my name. Easy Tech told me she couldn't find it. I asked her if she could look up my order number. She snapped at me and said that she couldn't look it up because she didn't know how to work the copy center computer. And calmed down and explained what she didn't work in this area.

A copy center employee comes back from a lunch, and helps the Easy Tech find my order. The problem is it hasn't been printed yet. And I shown my order form with note that says, "Must be done by 6 pm." That would be six hours after I put in the order. The Easy Tech says condescendingly, "I don't what it said in your email. But it will be done by 6 pm." I tell her that will pick up tomorrow because I had plans for the later in the day.

The next morning, I go to pick up my order. Again, I have wait a bit because there is only one employee. Again she has a hard time finding it but did finally find it. She hands me the envelope with my postcards and says, "Is that it?" in impatient tone. I nodded and paid for my items.

TL;DR Gets email saying order would be done in 4 hours. Wasn't done. Told to come back in more 2 hours. Come back the next day. Annoyed employees abound.

Norton Anti Virus woes

So I have Norton anti-virus installed in my laptop. They have an awesome product called the Vault that saves all of your passwords for websites, which I love because I have way too many to remember.

The other day my laptop did an update and afterwards I wasn't able to log into the vault. Distressing since for the past few months I haven't bothered to remember any of my passwords.

I went to the live Chat with Norton and they asked if they could access my laptop remotely to fix it. Sure, go ahead! After a minute the rep said they would have to restart my computer, which they did, but then the connection to the chat was lost. Okay. Waited a day and went back to the live chat. Remote access allowed again, went as far as restart then lost connection again. Grrr.

THIRD time I went back to the chat I told the rep that every time we try to restart it loses connection, she said "no problem, if it gets lost someone will call you back within 15 minutes". Okay. She does something to my computer to restart it in safe mode, and when the computer restarts......she is gone. And my laptop is still in safe mode.

I go to restart my computer but it will only start back up in safe mode. I tried it a couple of times, but couldn't get it out of safe mode. Luckily I have another laptop hanging around so I get on that one and go to live chat for the fourth time now. The rep is clueless when I tell him what the problem is and just keeps telling me to restart it.

I told him I want my computer fixed NOW and he tells me that they don't do that and I have to take it to my local computer repair shop. *sigh*. Then he offers to remotely access my laptop to look at it. Well, obviously that won't happen since I"M NOT ON IT AND YOU PEOPLE BROKE IT.

Finally, my phone rings and it's a fifth rep from Norton - someone who is able to fix my laptop and repair the vault ! Time spent altogether- approx. 2.5 hours.

In which PayPal is really awful.

Backstory: I moved out of my dad's house late last year, and this April I remembered that I should change my address and update which bank account is connected to my PayPal account.

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TL;DR: PayPal wants proof that I am who I claim to be and places limits on my account until they can confirm my identity. I send them the requested documentation. The web site shows that the issue is resolved satisfactorily, but my account is still limited. I try to contact them for an explanation, but the only answer I get is a form answer to a different question. When I try to contact them again, they lock down my account due to fraudulent activity.

The issue here isn't that my account was limited, but that they accepted the documents I gave them, didn't actually remove the limitations, and then locked down my account when I tried to ask why.

I guess I should be glad they locked down my account after I used it to help my brother make rent. /: