June 25th, 2013

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Wal-Mart Pharmacy in Killeen Texas | Update

So this is less of an update and more of a "this is what the doctors are planning to do:"

I called my doctor first thing Monday morning and told him EVERYTHING. He's normally a very laid-back, easygoing person.. I had to move the phone away from my ear because he was screaming so loud :( He called the pharmacy and was able to get a printout from them showing that 94 pills were dispensed and that the other doctor's name was listed as the one prescribing it. He asked to call the second doctor himself after that.

Around lunch time, my doctor called me back and asked if he could do a conference call with the other doctor; I said sure. She was really nice, but obviously angry. They asked if I wouldn't mind giving her access to my prescription records.. I kind of felt weird about it, but I figure being uncomfortable is nothing compared to what this pharmacy could potentially do or has already done. I had to sign a few things giving her permission and email them back. I guess she called the pharmacy herself instead of having my doctor give her the copies he had.

Here's where it got shady: sometime between when my doctor called the pharmacy and the other doctor requested the records, Wal-Mart apparently altered their records. I guess they finally realized their mistake and rather than notifying anyone, they changed their computer printout to say that 78 pills (90 minus 12. Hmm.) were filled and my doctor's info was listed again. I still have the original bottle showing that's not what they gave me, and my doctor has the unaltered printout, though! And no one ever called me or anyone else to notify them of the mixup (so far).

My husband filed a written complaint with the Texas Board of Pharmacology using the link some of you posted in the last post, but after you submit something, there's a notice saying not to expect a response unless they need further information and that they can't discuss ongoing investigations with consumers. So I don't know if we're going to hear from them.

My husband has yet to get a response from Wal-Mart, but someone here said they likely don't work on weekends and the automated response said to give them up to 72 hours. Assuming they even bother to respond, and that they don't work weekends, that would be tomorrow, so they still have a day.

So no real update, other than my doctor and the other doctor are now aware of the situation and are "making some calls." He said not to expect too much, that the worst that will happen is the pharmacist will be suspended pending an audit of her records, and if they find she did something wrong with my prescription, she'll likely either get a fine or they'll say her suspension during the audit was her punishment. If they find a history of repeated mixups like this one, she might get a longer suspension, but she probably won't lose her license unless there is something more serious going on. Even worse, my doctor said that any other chain pharmacy in the country would fire or at least re-train a pharmacist for doing something like this... But Wal-Mart will probably do nothing. Now that the doctors are involved, she MAY be reprimanded/fired, but we just have to wait and see.

Maybe the next update will be more promising. I'm kind of discouraged after yesterday :(

You're not doing your charity many favours

I was out shopping with my mum, nan and boyfriend. I had to pop to another shop for a bar of chocolate and said I'd meet them again in town. On the way back, minding my own merry business, I was suddenly flagged by a woman working for a cancer charity. She said "Hi, can you spare me just a few minutes of your time?" to which I replied, "Sorry, I'm not interested." I went to walk by but she said "It's a cancer charity!" I tried to ignore her and began walking away fast. She leapt towards me and then crossed in front of my path like a possessed crab, doing the whole sideways walk thing and then sternly told me, "I'm not letting you leave until I've got some details from you. OKAY??" I was gobsmacked at her sheer audacity. What part of, "Sorry, I'm not interested," did she not understand? I went to tell her that I was meeting someone in town, but she cut me off, asking for my name. Reluctantly, I gave it. She asked me for more details and I thought fuck it, let's just get this over with. When it came to a contact phone number I gave a fake one. She thanked me for my time (as if I actually had a choice LOL) and I walked away, listening to her in the background as she collared her next 'customer'.

You know, I actually have a lot of respect for the people who work in this kind of field. I can imagine it must be hard. I try to be as pleasant as I can, IF they learn to respect ME. If I say I'm not interested, or I'm busy, please respect it! Geez!

EDIT: It was irresponsible of me to give out a fake number, but at the time I wasn't thinking. I just wanted her to get off my case. I was thinking of myself, partly because she was flustering me and I just wanted her to go away. It was the wrong thing for me to do. I should have engaged my brain and done this differently.