June 13th, 2013

like to kill (menacing)

Zinger's Deli in Boca Raton, Fl doesn't care about it's customers.

This happened a month ago but I forgot to post here. There's a deli across the street from us with a sit down restaurant as half of it & deli counter as other half. The food's always been good so we go sporadically and haven't had any real issues before, except we had noticed they don't like deviation. It's always been over very small substitutes though, so figured maybe it's just the way they are. We never had a medical or allergy based reason so shrugged it off.

However, end of last year my husband had gastric bypass & can literally only eat certain foods/portions. He asked to have a small amount (quarter pound) of just chicken salad as his meal. The waitress argued they are not allowed to do that as deli items can't be in the dining area (odd rule). She offered the platter or sandwich which he can't eat half of the items, let alone the amount of food. He explained it's a huge waste of food. He wasn't asking for extra or something they don't carry. They have meals involving this on the menu for the restaurant area.

The manager then came over & proceeded to argue with my husband that it's against their policy to have any deli items in the dining room. I say argue because he came up with an annoyed tone, didn't greet us, simply started telling us we can order a full plate or leave. My husband advised him of his medical issue & he refused to accommodate at all. We even offered to pay separately at the deli counter then have him rejoin the table. The manager said he'd be asked to leave. So my husband left. We had a full table & he felt it was worth losing customers over this.

We have always liked this place before but, now will never return. I'm going to be sure to let everyone I know in Boca to NOT come here. I've posted the review on every review site I could possibly find. I even posted on their FB page but never got a single response from anyone. They truly don't care at all.

Edited to add couple things for clarification: we've had issues with other places not accommodating, it's a fact of surgery & that's fine. The main issue is the attitude we got from all involved. When the waitress left after explaining they couldn't do it she must have gone straight to the manager. He came over within moments, stood arms crossed at our table in a looming manner and wanted to know "what our problem was?" with his menu.
We explained my hubby can literally not eat more than 4-6 ounces, we were going to an appointment right after leaving so taking extras home would have spoiled in the car (90 degree Florida weather). we didn't want it in a plastic container with a fork so it was obvious deli, just a smaller portion on a plate. It's unlikely a health issue as the chicken salad served in the restaurant side was the stuff sold in the deli area (as in I saw them scooping someone's tuna from the deli onto the plate they brought).
He was angry, aggressive, snarky and basically kept being if you don't like it, leave. When I paid for what my Granny & I had, (our food arrived while hubby & the manager were conversing ,since she's 93 & diabetic, I didn't want to delay her food), the cashier said that manager is "very stubborn" leading me to believe this isn't a rare attitude.

Warning: avoid LG products, their stocking and after sales repair service is shambolic

Dropped in to tell you about a customer service fail that's so bad I really want as many people to know as possible. Feel free to pass the story on.

I've been embroiled in a 6 month long saga regarding being inappropriately sold the £130 LG Out of Warranty Repair Service to fix a fridge-freezer for which parts were not available (the product is only just over 2 years old).

Other lowlights have included 3 failed repair attempts, some due to provision of dented doors by LG. The final nail in the coffin was an engineer who was incapable of carrying out the repair, and when told explicitly to stop, carried on and broke the handles on my fridge freezer.

The escalation team at LG would not have helped me if I had not bought the fridge from them, despite this being a paid for service, and are refusing to pay any compensation for the damage to my fridge, although they have reluctantly agreed to refund the £130. They seem completely indifferent to the negative customer experience.

Also, LG appears to feel it is completely OK to not hold stock for a fridge that was only 2 years old. Personally I don't feel a £1300 fridge is a disposable item and nor would many people I am sure!

I'll pop the whole sorry saga in a comment thread attached to this post for those that want to read the full details but really I wanted to warn people. LG products look fine on the outside but they don't have a competent repair service or indeed the parts available. I know I'm never going to buy from them again, but also I'm going to look at the repair reports a lot more closely when buying a high value domestic appliance in the future. Learn from my mistake!!!

(N.B. clearly I'm based in the UK, but even in the US I'd watch out for their lack of spare parts. That must be a production decision made in Korea.)

Don't let Doorstep Delivery Hit you in the,,,

This happened at Doorstep Delivery (a multiple restaurant delivery service. After I filled out their feedback form, a manager left me a helpful sounding voicemail. So letter one was written before I was able to speak with anyone. Letter two is a response to the lack of help I received from the owner/manager (different guy from the first.)
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Just to follow up on this recent post about citibank and their diabolical online banking (and the inability for them to text my a pin so I could make transactions from my online banking)

since then I made a complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman (FOS) about shitty bank. I also got a call from one of their staff trying to troubleshoot my phone (yes - my phone) but they wanted the model number of my phone which the guy insisted was under my battery. I told him three times that I had a hard wired battery (on my Razr) so there is no way that battery is coming off.

soon after my One Time Pin (OTP) started working anyways.  found this out because i was randomly trying the online banking and one day my OTP arrived.

one of their staff called me a couple weeks after it started working and informed me that it was due to my phone being set to roaming. roaming was never discussed in the troubleshooting I did with them and even if it was roaming, when the roaming was fixed I should have received all the OTPs I requested, and I didn't.  I emailed details of this conversation to the FOS to ensure that citibank didn't also give them the same misinformation.

the next person who called me sounded like an Australian, which I thought was a foreign concept to them. Everyone else I spoke to was in Manilla. she promised me and email follow up the next day. I didn't get the email til the following week and only after I tweeted them. I replied to their email (and CC'd the FOS) to advise i didn't think the matter was resolved and that I expected a small amount of compensation... which today I got.

it was only a small amount of money, but it is the big win overall I am happy with.

To My Fellow Australians: remember the FOS is there. They do give a long time to the banks to sort their shit out, but it does get sorted.

and now for me to get sorted in closing this account... which apparently I have to do in branch, during business hours... *sigh*