June 8th, 2013


Just the salad, no "extras".

We went to a friend's last night for a fire. I don't eat hot dogs so we stopped at a national chain to pick me up a salad for dinner. It wasn't our usual location but service and food has always been fairly consistent across the board. We were in a hurry so we decided to go through the drive up. On a Friday night they were packed so there were two teenagers with headsets taking orders in the drive through lane. "Awesome" I thought, "this will go so much faster." They took my order, gave me my total and directed me to the pick up window. I paid, got my salad and left. I did not check the food because we were in a hurry but it was a pre-made salad with chicken and id didn't ask then to 'hold' anything so I figured It was fine. I got to my friend's and I stuck the bag with the salad in the fridge until the fire got started.

Once everyone started to gather outside I grabbed my salad and went outside to eat it. I open the bag and the first thing I see is a flyer for a local Realtor. Now the salad was fine, delicious even, but when I order my dinner I don't want an advertisement from a guy who want to sell my house. I am actually looking for someone to list my house but I won't be using this gentleman because I think it's very poor form to put his flyer in take-away bags.

Am I over-reacting or am I right to be annoyed? 

dunkin donuts annoying service

So I work in the afternoons around 2pm. The bus that I take to work runs by my house at 1:15 and then again at 2:03. It's only a 15 minute bus ride, so I often take the 1:15 and have my lunch from 1:30-2, before I go into work. Usually I stop in Dunkin Donuts for a soda and the bacon, egg, and cheese on a plain bagel.

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