June 7th, 2013

punk bill

Royal Mail Track and Trace



What a surprise.

I placed an order with Jewellerymaker for some stuff. They send it through Royal Mail Track and Trace service, which gives me a code which can be used to track the item through the depots and delivery stages.

I check this morning, and it's been delivered. On the fifth. Now, that's odd.

We've had no post for three days.

Nothing. Not a little scrap of paper from the Royal Mail. Nothing. Local crap, but nothing official.

And crucially, no note through the box saying "Hi, we called when you were out/we couldn't deliver, but we left here in place X/took it back with us to the depot!" Trust me, we have a dog, I am in all day, and at that time of the morning, this house is a madplace. I would remember a delivery, or a little bit of paper coming through the door.

But there hasn't been one. And now, Royal Mail is saying they delivered it, it's up to me to figure it out, and it can't be found. I've checked the usual hidey holes, looked all around the property but nothing. I have to go back to the seller and get them to launch an investigation. So... No slip of paper saying it's been delivered. No way for their system to say who signed for it. No way for them to even tell who delivered the damn thing.

And I'm out fifty quid. I'm really pissed because those were end of sale items, and some of them aren't avaliable anymore. Royal Mail says they've done their bit but they haven't. No note, and no attempt to deliver.


Radio Shack likes to compound bad service!

My husband's cell phone, a Pantech Marauder, was dropped in water on Saturday, and after allowing it to dry out it became clear that while the phone was still functional and apps still worked, the screen was the most affected: the touch function still worked ut there are squiggly lines and “buzzing” of the images. The phone was not under warranty, I called Verizon (got the phone as an upgrade just two months ago) who advised that their corporate locations only do warranty repairs but a retail location such as Radio Shack or Best Buy may be able to assist with replacing the screen.

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At this point I'm completely frustrated by Radio Shack. I left a message for the district manager and also use the feedback website on the receipt to send them the above complaint. If Werx won't refund us the full cost, I really think Radio Shack should pony up the $30. Now we have to wait a couple more days for S's phone to get back to us, then he has to go to the one local place that said they could do it, wait for them to order the part since it's not something they have on hand.


Monday the DM called my husband, apologized about the situation, said they would refund the $30 and that it was the general manager S had dealt with last week and the store would receive training. S went in on Monday to get the refund, dealt with an assistant manager he hadn't seen before. When they were processing the transaction, S looked at the screen, told the AM it looked like a charge, this needed to be a refund and asked him mid-transaction to verify this was a refund, and the AM assured him it was a refund. Tonight I was checking our account to balance it, and guess what? Yep, instead of refunding us $30, the idiot charged us $30


All right ladies,

I'm returning these pants. Yes, I *did* try them on and they fit like a dream in the fitting room. Walking around in them was a different story.

You told me returning them was going to be no problem.

So why did you and your co-worker ask me three separate times why I wasn't happy with them? And had looks on your faces like I had just fed you a bite of dog shit?

The attitude is just a tad unnecessary.

And yes I paid with a debit card. I wasn't aware that was a rare form of payment these days. But you made it clear with your huffing, sighing and venom spewing under your breath that I had made a bad choice in using it. Why? Because it made extra work for you.

So incredibly sorry I interrupted your gossiping behind the counter to make you do your job :( I know it was really hard with me being the only customer in your department and all.