June 2nd, 2013

Green Squiggly

Delivery woes. Turned good*

I like this Dominos, especially after they started delivering cakes, cookies, and salads in addition to the standard menu. I also know how the GM operates the place because my ex was working there for awhile, so the service tonight is just really disappointing. =/

Our order was almost $70 because, well, five adults with different tastes and food issues, including a Chicken Parmesan sandwich for my sister, who is vegetarian (this is relevant, and yes, she is; she eats chicken because we made her, basically) and a large salad for my mom. Food gets here, and everything looks good except I only notice in the bag of cold stuff the cake slices we ordered, not the salad. Thinking they might have them in a box (for what reason, I don't even know, but I'm manic and sleep deprived, so my brain comes up with ridiculous things), I don't say anything to the driver because hey, maybe in the shuffling I'll find it. And also, maybe my mom didn't order a salad (I didn't place the order, my grandmother did, and so I don't know 100% what was supposed to be there).

Get upstairs and to my grandmother's room to sort the food, and first thing is I ask if she'd ordered a salad for mom. Said yes. So I go through all the boxes, find her food, find my food, find my partner's food, and find a Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich, but no salad. Gram wants to know how I know it's a Chicken Bacon Ranch ("Because it has chicken, bacon, and a white sauce") and find out it's supposed to be a Chicken Parmesan, for my sister. Joy. Whatever, that just means we need to call them back.

As much as this sucks, I would've written it off as an unfortunate case, except for the conversation my grandmother had with the phone person. At first they tried to say that we'd ordered the food we'd received, and then when my grandmother corrected them, they said it would take an hour and a half to get back to us. Now, I've worked the phones in a delivery place (Pizza Hut, and let me tell you I know the owner of this Dominos is a helluvalot stricter than my old boss), so I know sometimes mistakes happen and Sunday dinner rush can be hell. Not as much hell as Saturday or Friday, but it still can be. But no, arguing with the customer when the food is wrong, and then going "Oh yeah it'll take an hour and a half" isn't good. So my gram asked to speak to the manager, who said it would be out as soon as possible.

*While I was writing this, the delivery guy got here with the salad and the correct sandwich. They even threw in a couple more slices of confetti cake, so the service resolved mostly (they made mom's salad incorrectly, but they did at least redeliver it promptly and peppers don't leak all over food, at least). Still disappointing, and the phone person was still irritating.