May 29th, 2013

Annoying service... but good outcome in the end!

Me, my mum and grandparents went over to my brother and his fiancee's flat and ordered a Chinese takeaway. Two hours later, we finally managed to get it delivered. You see, my brother's fiancee rang up to order. This was at 6:15pm. The woman who took her order was new (started today). That went okay. The woman got her address off her and told her it would be delivered at around 7pm. 7pm came and went. At 7:10 my brother rang up to check if everything was okay. We thought the delivery person might have gotten lost. It turns out that the food hadn't even been cooked yet because the woman was waiting for us to call her back with our address so that she knew where to deliver it to. This was baffling to all of us. The woman apologised profusely for the misunderstanding and my brother told her it was fine, these things happen, etc etc. He was as baffled as all of us though. Anyway, she assured us that the meals would be ready in half an hour. Half an hour came and went. So, my brother called again just to ask if everything was okay. Yes, she said. The delivery person should be on his way. Except he got lost! He ended up texting my brother's housephone. Because it was an automated text message, it came out garbled. My brother managed to get the guys phone number and phoned him up. Turns out he was in another district, right at the other end of town, waiting at a completely wrong flat. Eventually, at 8:15pm we got our food. Turns out he'd got no credit to make a call from his phone so had to text. And the woman who took our call initially forgot the address so tried to ring us back, but she forgot that someone else had called after us to place an order, and ended up ringing them back instead. So she just decided to wait until we rang back ourselves.

They were all so apologetic and it's nice to see that people own up to their mistakes and admit that they fucked up. We were cool with that to be honest. It was all just so bizarre, and we were all starving. The food was absolutely delicious and my brother said that they're still going to order from them again, just because they're so nice and friendly. Even though they messed up this one time, we're giving them the benefit of the doubt and just hoping they were having a bad day. Besides, the woman was new, and it was her first day.

So... annoying service, but glad it all went okay at the end. We all had a bit of a laugh about it too.
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Bad Breakfast Service

I get married in two days so as you might imagine today and tomorrow are "running around with our heads cut off sorting stuff out" type of days. This morning we had to pick up a few items before my fiancé, G, went for his hair cut, so we decided we'd have breakfast in a local cafe.

So after buying the ribbon we needed (my little Hyundai Getz will look so sweet ^^) we got into the cafe 50 minutes before G's appointment. We were served straight away, and were the only people in bar one other table. G ordered a Full English Breakfast and I ordered a Bacon Sandwich plus two cokes. We got the cokes quickly, but the breakfast... Well when it was time for G to go for his hair cut the food still hasn't arrived. We were pissed, but G told me to stay where I was and he went for his trim. Finally 55 minutes after ordering our food arrived. The waitress grumbled a bit that G wasn't there, but once I explained he had an appointment she agreed to put it in the oven to keep warm til he came back.

He came back, and she brought his breakfast with bad grace. No apology for it taking so long. He ate it as he was hungry. When we paid we did mention we weren't happy with the service and got a few different retorts from the waitress

- They were the only cafe in the village ( which is true) so we should be happy they provide food at all.

- 55 minutes is a perfectly reasonable amount of time for a fry up. Now I work breakfast shift at the pub/hotel I work in and even the biggest order never takes more than 15 minutes, when I said this she replied we must do "Really shitty breakfasts".

- It wasn't their fault, they ran out of sausages and had to get someone to bring them some more, which they were under no obligation to tell us about at all.

Needless to say we didn't tip and we won't be going back. And we will be letting friends know about the service, and it being a smallish village... You do the math.