May 28th, 2013

  • jeski

wtf service turns into a win for me

This isn't... particularly bad service, but I thought I'd share it anyway. Mods please let me know if it's not allowed.

Every Tuesday (my payday) I go to Hungry Jack's drivethru for lunch (Hungry Jack's is the Australian name for Burger King). It is my special treat for the week. On Tuesdays HJ's has a Two for Tuesdays promotion, and you can get two of whatever item it is that month for the price of one. I usually get that.

HJ's also has these special big cheeseburgers at the moment, that come in a meal with thick cut fries, traditional lemonade and a huge chocolate sundae. The smallest of the special cheeseburgers is their current Two for Tuesdays burger. So for the last two Tuesdays, I have been getting two of the special cheeseburgers, plus thick cut fries and a traditional lemonade - so, the price of a meal minus the sundae, which came to $7 and change.

Today I go through the drivethru and this happens:

me: "I'd like the Two for Tuesdays cheeseburgers please"
her: "Ok, is that it?"
me: "Could I also get the thick cut fries and traditional lemonade please?"
her: "So... you mean like a meal" (said in a voice like I'm an idiot)
me: "Well yeah, but without the sundae"
her: *Pause* "Just hold on, I'll go find out"
*wait for a couple minutes*
her: "Yeah I'm sorry, we can't do that."
me: "Uh, I've gotten the exact same thing the last two weeks in a row, it's usually $7-something"
her: "Yeah we've just gotten new management, so everything is different now"
me: "...Could you just ring them up separately?"
her: "What do you mean? You just want the burgers?"
me: *slightly exasperated sigh* "No like, the burgers, and then ring up the fries, and then the drink" (I could see separate prices for all of these on the menu board)
her: "Uhh... yeah, I think. Drive through please"

So I drive around and there are like, three people clustered around the register trying to input my order. Eventually the girl who took my order gets exasperated and takes my card, saying "I'll just charge you $4.95" (this is the price of the burgers on their own) then calls out for two thick cut fries and gets out two cups. I tell her I only wanted one fries and one drink.

Bit of a clusterfuck but I got my usual meal for about $3 cheaper than usual, so... win? xD
ASOIAF - Nicolaj Facepalm

frustrating service.

I went out for lunch today at Panera, and after I finished my meal, I picked up my tray and to bring it to the trash container, as busing your own table is the norm there. I also had my soda cup with me, as I wanted to get a refill to go.

There was an employee picking up the dishes from the dirty dish bin next to the trash when I got there, so I set down my cup on the edge of the trashcan and turned to put my dishes on the cart on which the employee was stacking the dirty dishes. I stacked them with others of their kind neatly, added my silverware to the silverware pile...and turned back around just in time to see the employee casually reach out and slap my cup into the trashcan. It wasn't even within easy reach - she had to move to do it.

Me: "...I was still going to use that for a refill."
Employee: "Whatever, I'm busy, I don't have time for this." All the while she scowled at me and shook her head, not even looking up.

Well, well, next time I'll just drop my dishes on top of your hands then. :|