May 23rd, 2013

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Small suck

I woke up yesterday morning with my body completely covered in hives. Since I've never had hives before, naturally I freaked out. I took Benadryl, but when they seemed to be still spreading I called and made an appointment with my school's health clinic.

Anyway, the bad service comes from the nurse. First, when she came out to call me back to to the doctor's room, she yelled at me when I didn't hear her the first time. And glared at me. Which wasn't that big a deal, but it set the tone for the meeting.

Next, she said to me "you're here again?" I should note that this was the same doctor I had seen a week ago for a sinus infection because I was concerned that I might be reacting to the antibiotic.

When I said that to her, she insisted that it was completely impossible to develop an allergy to a med I had been taking for a week and that I shouldn't be there. I said that I'd like to hear that from he doctor and that being covered in hives worried me. She insisted again that I shouldn't be there and said that I should just take Benadryl.

Now, it does turn out she was kind of right. The doctor did say the only thing I could do was take the Benadryl and wait it out. But the doctor agreed with me that the antibiotic was the likely culprit and that I was right to come in just to make sure there wasn't anything to worry about.

On my way out, I passed the nurses station, and the same nurse rolled her eyes as I went by.

None of this is a big deal, and the doctor was great, but it was all really frustrating for someone who was a little freaked out and didn't need to be told she shouldn't be at the doctor's office.