May 19th, 2013

  • w3nna

Uhm, are you actually aware of what you're saying to me?

Because it's so stupid, and I'm shocked that you believe for one second that I don't see through your bullshit.

So today I send a message to Stupid Poodle Breeder Lady, saying that I hadn't received my refund and asked when I can expect to have it. Got a response that she sent it "a long time ago" (eyeroll) and to send her my address so that she can make sure that she sent it to the right place.

... Well if you can't be more specific than "a long time ago" when we are talking about not even two weeks, then I'm inclined to believe that you haven't even thought about it and are trying to blow smoke up my ass.

Also, the address I texted you is in the message directly before the text I sent today asking about the refund. If you sent it to that address (which was correct) already, prior to today's text, then how exactly can you check to see where you sent it? If the envelope has already left your house, how can you look at it?!

I am so sick of this woman's shit right now. If I don't hear something back by tomorrow afternoon I'm calling the bank without any further communication with her. This is absolutely ridiculous.

(Side note and slightly off topic, I did finally get my poodle. I found a puppy with a very impressive pedigree from a breeder in Memphis. She's beautiful and to be quite honest if I had to do it all over again to get her (including getting thrown up on three times on the drive home), I would without a moment's hesitation. Her personality could not be a more perfect match for me.)