May 12th, 2013


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Went to Target in an attempt to find rain boots. I was in a bit of a hurry, so instead of searching, I stopped one of the clerks and asked if they had any in stock.

"Do you SEE any boots in this department?" she asked. I stopped her in electronics, so maybe she thought I was really stupid? I corrected myself, "I mean do you sell rain boots?" and the response I got back was "Well if you don't SEE the product, we don't SELL it."

Seriously? A simple "no" would have sufficed.

Out-of-date sweets

Firstly, I hope this is okay to post here. It's not my own experience, but a friend's. I have no doubt that she's telling the truth. She isn't the sort of person who would lie. I re-read the rules as well and didn't see anything to imply that this sort of thing is not okay.


A friend bought a pack of sweets from her local shop. When she got back, she opened the packet. When she ate one, she said it didn't taste right. Upon looking at the date, she found that the use-by-date was 2009! When she took the product back to the shop, the clerks laughed in her face. The manager was there too and had pretty much the same response. When she told them that she'd actually EATEN one of the sweets they STILL laughed in her face and thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Now, she's urging everyone she knows to boycott the store.