May 6th, 2013

Bad Arby's service and possible counterfeit scam.

I'll just cut and paste what I sent to Arby's corporate offices:

Hey guys. I have a huge complaint. Last night my husband, kids and I went through the drive through at the Overland Park, KS location at 151st and Metcalf. We handed the cashier a $20 bill. The girl at the counter called over a coworker, who marked it with a counterfeit pen. He leaned out and told us it was a counterfeit bill. We were shocked, having just withdrawn the money from the bank. My husband was in disbelief and handed him another $20, which was then marked and also deemed "counterfeit". I looked at them myself through the window. The marks were clearly a yellowish brown, the normal color that valid bills produce when marked. (I use these same pens myself and am familiar with the dark brown, nearly black color produced when a counterfeit bill is marked.) The employee informed us that he could not accept the money, nor give us the bills back unless the police were called, as per Arby's corporate standards, and that *they had been having this problem 3-4 times per week on his shift*. We said ok, we had no problem calling the police, as we had no intention of just handing over $40 to some cashier without proof that they were not legal tender. My husband went inside to talk to the man. He said he did not want to call the police, he would take the bills and staple them to a piece of paper with our name and number and his manager (who would be in at 7:30am) would talk to us today. My husband told him that was unacceptable, as he felt that the cashier had pretty much just stolen our $40 from us. When the cashier heard that, he GAVE BACK one of the "counterfeit" bills, took the other and stapled it to a paper with our info. We agreed to contact the manager in the morning. My husband called at 7:30, and met with the manager outside the restaurant. The manager let us know that both of our bills were indeed legal tender and told us that the employee "needs to be retrained". At that point, another female employee arrived, noticed what they were talking about, and said, "Oh, ANOTHER one?" Really? How many other people have been essentially robbed of their hard earned dollars at this location because an employee "needs to be retrained"? No compensation has been offered to us at all. I would like to see some action taken to correct this problem immediately, please. We have been loyal customers for years, and specifically at this location for an entire year, so we were very disappointed to be treated like common criminals, and then not have anything done about it or any offer to make things right for us. Please contact me ASAP and let me know what else I can do to further contact your corporate offices. - H.M.L

(I got a call back from VP of HR in this area on Friday, and she was supposed to call me today to discuss the outcome of an investigation she launched into this, and to discuss compensation. No call back yet though. Hoping to hear from her tomorrow!)
SW - Rey BW

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I'm pretty sure this would qualify as a WTF. At least, it left a really bad taste in my mouth and I'm left wondering what, if anything, I should do.

I've been taking my car to the same garage for over two years now. They've always been awesome as far as service goes - honest and up front with me, and everyone is very nice. I trust them with my car.

Well, about a month ago there was a new mechanic I had never seen before. I was there for some pretty standard stuff he wasn't needed for and, after a few minutes, he came inside and started flirting with me. Extensively. It was harmless at first, but still enough to make me wary. He wouldn't leave me alone even when I asked him to and that was especially off-putting. It was a fast service, though, and I was able to get out of there. Unhappy with him, but my car was still great.

Of course, an unrelated issue came up the next weekend and I took my car back. (It wasn't something he could have done; the thought did pass through my mind.) The same mechanic was there. He recognized my car, passed it off to someone else, and followed me inside the waiting room (which was empty) to chat/flirt again. Thankfully he was needed outside so I didn't need to tell him to stop this time, but it make me very uncomfortable.

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It's quite possible I'm overreacting, and I'm definitely willing to let it go. But right now this guy is making me so uncomfortable that I'm almost considering leaving this garage that has, up to this point, taken such good care of me and my car - something I've had really bad luck with in the past.