April 28th, 2013

sad face

Happy Meal Suck

My family was on our way to Del Taco and we stopped at the McDonalds next door to grab something for my 5 year old daughter. She doesn't do tacos.

I ordered a Happy Meal for her. The guy asked if I wanted a girl toy or a boy toy. I said that I wanted a Skylanders toy. He asked again if I wanted a girl toy or a boy toy. I said "it's for a girl, but she wants a Skylanders toy." I saw on the order screen that he selected "doll toy".

We drove up to the first window to pay and then the second window to pick up. I checked the bag and of course they put in whatever the stupid pink girl toy was. I handed it back to the guy and told him that my daughter wanted the Skylanders toy. He walked away and then came back with the correct toy.

Now here is the real suck... he didn't hand me the toy. He just held it and said "these toys are for boys." I said "girls like Skylanders too." He reluctantly handed me the toy and we left.