April 11th, 2013


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I have had nothing but problems with AT&T since I have them, but they're a lot cheaper and more reliable than Comcast, so they're the lesser of two evils.  Double charging my card, adding random fees that don't even apply to my account type, just a mess.

The internet went out because it stormed here last night.  The lines here are older than dirt, and if there's more than a 2MPH wind it goes out, but it usually comes right back up.  I woke up this morning, still out.  So I call AT&T to see if there's an outage or something else happened.

The woman asks me for my account number.  I give it to her.  She asks me for my name.  This is where it gets sucky:

Her: Your name, please?
Me: First Name, Last Name
Her: No, that's not it.
Me: First, Middle, Last, because sometimes I go by that.
Her: No.
Me: *confused* I don't know what else it would be under.  I know it's not under *my SO's name*, I had it changed to just me when he passed.
Her: well, that's not it.  You're wrong.
Me: I don't understand, though.  I've called in every month for the past year to pay my bill and several times for other issues.  I've always given my name as *First*, *Last*.  All the previous CSR's have used that to verify my account.  I'm looking at a bill right now.  It says, *First*, *Last*.
Her: well, that's too bad.  There's something else in front of *First* that I need you to tell me what it is.
Me: *losing patience, and I probably toed the line of C_S here*: Really?  My name has been *FIRST* for 29 years.  I think I know my own first name.  No one else has had this problem, I'll just call back and talk to someone who can help me.

and I did just that.   The next CSR was able to verify my account with *First*, *Last*, and when I told her what happened, she was aghast.  She  said that at some point, someone I'd spoken to had put "Miss" in front of my first name in the system, because my regional call center is in a Southern state, and they often ask to call me Miss *First* because my last name is very Polish and very hard to pronounce.  When they'd typed it in, they didn't put a space between it in and my front name, but the other CSR said I'd never had a problem before because most of them had common sense enough to realize that Miss wasn't part of my first name, and apologized profusely, saying that she'fixed it, and then also helped get the internet sorted out.  Geez, though, I know sometimes I'm scatterbrained, but CSR #1 had me questioning if I'd woken up in an alternate universe.  o.O