April 8th, 2013

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I needed a new phone, so I ordered one and paid to have it shipped overnight. It was supposed to arrive on Thursday. My apartment building insists on everything getting signed even though I've never requested it (which I find annoying, but can usually deal with). I was in my apartment all day Thursday, and the buzzer never rang. I checked the tracking on the FedEx website, and it said "customer not available", but no notice was left.

Friday, again, I was home all day but no one rang the buzzer. A notice was left, though, so I signed it.

Today, again, no one showed up. The notice I signed was right on the front door. The website again says customer not available, and no new notice was left. Since this is the last notice, I'll have to go pick it up. Except that the FedEx office is not available by public transportation, and I have class all day tomorrow.

I'm really pissed off right now. Not only did I not get the overnight delivery I paid for, but now I may not even get my phone. I've emailed FedEx (obviously can't call them without a phone).