April 5th, 2013

Office Depot;

I'm actually trying to get a job at Office Depot, but now I'm a little scared to, LOL.

My friend works at Office Depot & he hooked me up with an interview, but not at his store, they were staffed up. I went to two interviews at a different store, one with the assistant, one with the manager.
I had to fill out one of those crazy 120 question assessment tests to see if I was competent enough to sell office shit, which I did, & I passed, woohoo! So the manager told me I just need to pass a drug test & background check to officially get the job, but that I had it in the bag so no worries.
A week goes by, I call back in, & he said he had another candidate pop up & gave them the job instead. Okay, a little shitty since you told me I had the job...BUT, such is the wacky job market right now so I just turned around & applied at my friends store because he said there was a job opening.

I get an interview with the manager there, & we set up an interview for the next day with the assistant manager. I show up, oopsie, the assistant is off of work today, so let me schedule you for the next day! Suuuure, I come in the next day & interview with the assistant. Then I have to do ANOTHER interview with the manager because the first one was an informal one because my friend is trying to hook me up, so it was a relax interview. This one is the "for real" one....okay, 5 interviews in for this damn office supply job.........but sure. I interview again.
I wait a week.
I call back.
I'm told to call back in a few days.
I call back.
I'm told they will call me tomorrow with whats up.
I wait a day & was going to call them back but my friend said he talked to the manager & he can't hire me until the beginning of the month because he ran out of budget money to hire new staff.
A few days before the first of the month & my friend tells me that his manager got laid off. (Cue the biggest eye roll in the WORLD, hahahaha)
So I wait aboutfive days for them to figure their shit out, but I didn't even have to call them back! The assistant manager called me & said to come on in &...wait for it.....interview with his new manager, LOL.

SO I DO!!!! (Interview #6 for a job selling PENS...)
& everything goes peachy, back to the assistant manager because he's the only one that knows the password to the computer system to bring up my assessment, drug test, & background check results since the old manager got fired. SURPRISE, no he doesn't know the password, that's just cray talk, so they call computer support to reset the password, done & done...he opens the system &......

they lost all my paperwork. LOL! This has been a 2 month adventure so far, & 6 interviews...WHAT. & now they want me to talk another piss test, assessment, & background check.
& I almost said no.
But I still don't have a job with 2 months down, so I do.

& if I don't have this damn job this week, I'm going to at least ask for a gift card to compensate me for my time, & gas spent driving all over the damn place for interviews & drug tests, LOL.

What a crazy ass adventure just to get a retail job at Office Depot.
If this is what its like PRE employment...I am sooooo nervous!
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McD's Rude Service

I don't go to the McD's in my town anymore, seeing as I continuously have problems there. Today, however, boyfriend and I were thirsty, and we were drawn in by the fact that you can get any size drink for $1.00 +tax. Two drinks, we figured, wouldn't have any problems.

So, we pull up to the window, and the speaker comes on, but no one says anything. Boyfriend tells me to go ahead and order. I order two large sweet teas. The lady on the other end says "Would you like anything to drink with----I'm sorry, eat with that?" Boyfriend and I kind of chuckled, said no thank you, the lady told us our total, and we pulled around. When we got to the window, the lady was looking down, fiddling with her pants. Tax in our state is six cents on the dollar. Each sweet tea is one dollar. Therefore, our total was two dollars and twelve cents. We only had change, so we paid with change; eight quarters, one dime, and two pennies. The cashier held her hand out the window, while her other hand was still fiddling with her pants and she was looking down. I placed the money in her hand she says "Thanks! Have a nice day!" never having looked at us at all. I'm just like "Wtf?" but I pull forward. This next part is the part that pissed me off.

The next lady leans out the drive thru window and says "You ordered two sweat teas?" I answered yes. Then the lady says "And you couldn't pay for them?" I said "Excuse me?" She said "You didn't pay for them." I said "Yes, I did." She rolled her eyes, closed the window, and got on her mic, presumably to the person in the back, and very loudly so that I heard her through the window, "DID SHE PAY FOR THE TEAS?" Boyfriend and I were just like whaaaat the hell? He used to work there, and so he is generally very understanding, but even he was upset. I guess the lady in the back told her that I did pay for the tea, because the lady up front leaned back out the window and handed me my teas without another word. Boyfriend said he didn't think we would get anywhere if we complained inside because he knew the people that worked there so we called the hotline to complain, instead.

Later we figured what happened was the lady in the back window just hadn't gotten around to actually putting our money in till yet. However, there was absolutely NO excuse for the way the lady in the front window acted.