March 18th, 2013

Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

Arrg... Just Arrg.

I recently accepted a full time job and will be moving from my current city to a new one in the Southern Tablelands. Unfortunately, I start work on 2 April and I only just found a house as the Goulburn rental market is surprisingly cut throat. Suffice to say, I really don't have much time to organise a move and, as I'm moving out of home after helping my mum out, buy everything needed for a first time home!

Once I found out on Thursday that I got the house, I immediately transferred $1500 out of my ING account into my National Australia Bank (NAB) account so I could buy essentials. The transfer, when completed before 7pm AEST, will have the money in your linked account the next business day. Joy!

Only, when I attempted to buy some petrol at a servo outside Marulan on Friday, my savings card was declined and when I checked my NAB balance, the transfer hadn't gone through. When I was finally able to check my ING account on Saturday, it showed that the transaction had been reversed. I immediately put through another $1500 transfer but because it was the weekend, I won't get the money in my NAB account until probably Tuesday.

This means until then I have $8.00 to buy saucepans, kitchenware, cutlery, linen and a cat travel accessories, items which I couldn't buy before because I didn't even know whether I'd be in a new house or living in a boarding house. Sure, I have my emergency credit card but that's nearly maxed out (low limit) as I was previously four on a student allowance and had book a hotel room for four (4) nights so I could house hunt.

I'm pretty sure that the problem is on NAB's end as I previously attempted to confirm that my paypal account was linked with my NAB account and the latter rejected the deposits, even though the account number was right.

So thanks NAB! I'm sure it won't be at all stressful cramming an inter-city move into <14 days. Arrg.

Saltgrass Steakhouse

My husband and I have been to the location closest to us a few times. Each time, the food was great but the service was lax. Feb 13, my husband wanted to go out for dinner before Valentine's Day so he asked me to call and put our names down for 7. I call and all is good.

When we get there, a little before 7, the hostess tells us there will be about a ten-minute wait. Ok. We go stand in the waiting area near the door. We start talking. We see people going in and think little of it as they were there first. Times goes on. My husband starts feeling testy and we notice it has been 40 minutes. I ask the hostess about it and she tells me she marked us off the list as having been seated (I still have the buzzer and we have been standing ear them the entire time). She promises we can have the next table. I notice quite a few empty tables in the side of the dining area being used and ask if we can be seated as my husband isn't feeling well, he's diabetic and I'd like to at least get him some bread or something. Nope. She can't do it but she should have a table in about 15-20 minutes. She will get in trouble if she seats too many people. She then points to a couple that arrived a few minutes before I asked for an update and said they are next for a table. At this point, I'm about to ask for a manager when my husband tells me he just wants to go home. He's not feeling well and getting mad so it is best if we just leave at this point.

We get home and I call to speak to a manager. He apologized for the mixup and said he would be speaking to the hostess. He offered to seat us right away if we drove back there. I declided and told him that honestly we don't get good service when we visit and the only thing that made us go back was the food. We wouldn't be returning. He apologized again and explained they were having issues but recommended I try another location. He got my contact info and said he was escalating to to GM. The next day, I talked to the GM. He was embarrassed and said he got a full report from the other manager and it was being dealt with. He offered to send a gift card if I would at least give the other location a try. Sure, why not. Yeah, the card never arrived.

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