March 16th, 2013


Yogurty's Froyo

This is just two small things that ended up being one annoying suck in the end.

A friend recommended Yogurty's Froyo since we enjoyed Menchie's so much. Similar idea, pay by weight frozen yogurt, but Yogurty's has a reward card. You earn 1 point for every cent spent, and every 1000 gets you $1 off. The guy behind the counter (who I assume owns the franchise because he's the only person I've seen working there, and the place is rather new) explained that we could scan it before activating it and we'd earn points. Yaay! I didn't question it but I thought, how awesome.

First suck, when we came home to register it, no in fact, you didn't earn the points you scanned the card for (you had to scan in the receipt and email them in order for them to get the points - we didn't bother keeping the receipt because we didn't know this) because the card wasn't activated yet. Okay, no big deal, the location is new, maybe the guy doesn't know what he's doing. No hard feelings.

Second suck, you get 500 points for signing up. Yay! That's like halfway to the $1 off mark. Woo! So, after signing up, we decide to get Yogurty's that night, so we go, and scan the card and enjoy our froyo. Today I wake up to an email saying I've redeemed 500 points for .01 (what?!) and I've earned 223 points (double what? We spent over $10 on froyo). So, apparently the guy behind the counter freaking redeemed our 500 points for far under the value they're worth, and then on top of it, probably screwed something else up to stop us from getting our entire points reward.

Ugh. I know it's just a reward system, but it really is annoying when it all dogpiles together. Going to send an email to Perkville and Yogurty's Froyo to see if maybe they can sort this out. If not, I guess it's back to Menchie's :)

Update: They credited me my 500 points they said I had redeemed after a bit of an exchange. (First Perksville said I had to contact a store because they had no way of telling if the transaction was legitimate, and said that I had redeemed 500pts for .50 [despite the email that they sent me that I fwd'd to them stating it was redeemed for 1 penny]). So all is well in the points portion of the complaint, at least as far as Perksville can rectify (because I didn't save my receipt). I'm going to write Yogurty's main office about my other complaints though (I accidentally sent it to Perksville instead haha oops).