March 15th, 2013

Misc: Headdesk

Banking BS

For background: a few weeks ago, my partner and I took out a personal loan so that I could pay for dental reconstruction (for our wedding, yay!). We ended up going to a different bank than our main bank, as our main bank's response was a "oh, computer says we can't give you credit" (a frustrating!service experience in and of itself). So we switched my partner's income to be direct credited to the new!bank, and our loan payments come directly out of there. All fine. Because we had to get his Payroll team to change his direct credit details, the start date for loan repayments was set for a couple of weeks later than when we drew the loan down.

The first payment was scheduled for last Thursday, and it went out with no drama. Yesterday's payment went out fine too, but when I logged into our internet banking this morning, a second loan payment had been deducted. So I rang the bank to find out what was going on... and did not get the helpful_service I was hoping for.

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Minor FedEx Suck

I had ordered a few things from Yahoo! Japan Auctions using Rinkya and they shipped it via FedEx International Economy with an Indirect Signature requirement. For those who don't know, an indirect signature can be a neighbor if no one is home. I had to run out for about an hour to take a friend to work and run a couple of small errands so I made sure one of my neighbors would be home, both of them said they would be all day.

Cut to me checking the delivery status while I was waiting in line at the post office and finding a delivery exception no less than 15 minutes after I left my house. Already annoyed I waited till I got home to check the tag, maybe both neighbors mysteriously had emergencies almost right after I asked them if they would be there to get the package. Nope, and even more annoying. The tag said they attempted delivery even earlier, only 5 minutes after I had left. So I called up FedEx and all they could tell me is that they're sorry and I'm welcome to drive over 50 miles to my closest FedEx depot and hope the driver for my package wasn't running behind since the depot closes before they cutoff delivery for the night or wait till Monday for them to attempt delivery again.

I could understand them not attempting delivery if it was a shady area or something, but I live in a nice, quiet development and my neighbors are two sweet old ladies, one of whom watches a couple of kids at their home during the week. I had been eagerly awaiting this package all week and to me it feels like the driver was just too lazy to walk the extra 15 feet to try either of my neighbors and FedEx didn't even care when I called to complain.