March 14th, 2013

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Parking question

My mom recently had her hip replaced. She's still in the hospital, so my dad and I went to visit her today. I don't really have a lot of experience with parking garages, so I'm really just wondering if this is how garages are usually run, or if this is a legitimately weird situation.

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So do I need to go get a pair of big-girl undies, or is this something that I should be complaining about?

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ETA: From what everyone has told me, it's definitely a case of me being all "how do I parking garage" in addition to some crummy signage and directions. I'll definitely work on the first part and I'll see if I can speak to anyone about the rest. Thanks everyone!

Also, there's another piece of ongoing bad service here: my mom is supposed to be released today to a rehab facility closer to home. We were told yesterday that the facility that she wanted to go to might not be covered by our insurance, but her case worker at the hospital said that she'd look into it and try to find her somewhere close to home. It's now after 1 pm and she hasn't been told anything by any of the staff, including her social worker. The only reason we know that she's going to the original facility is because I called the facility and asked them about it. The facility told us that something was being negotiated with the insurance company, but the receptionist didn't know exactly what was going on. We still don't have any idea of how she'll be transported there; if we end up having to drive her, she might be waiting for over an hour since we live so far away from the hospital. Mainly I'm just worried that they'll end up releasing her today anyway and she'll be stuck until we can get to her.
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Small suck.

I ordered something from an Amazon seller that allows for Amazon Prime, which means two day shipping for free.

So the day after I order, I get a notice that it has shipped. Two days later, I get a email from the seller saying that the shipment would be delayed. Two days after that, the shipment arrives, clearly shipped regular mail.

So it appears that the seller claimed it was delayed so they didn't have to ship it fast.

I'm happy it got here, but a little annoyed since I pay for Prime so I can get things faster.