March 8th, 2013



This isn't a case of day-ruining horrible service, but I'm the type that likes to keep my interactions with CS reps brief and polite (I'm not much of a small-talker...or a big-talker...) and I imagine most of them appreciate that.  But when they try to turn what should be super-short interactions into jokes I'm nhft.

Earlier this year I went to see the King Tut exhibit at the local museum with two others. As the one with the purse I had carried the passes with me, and as we made it to the front of the line I handed the ticket checker the three tickets. My ticket was slightly different than theirs so I made sure to distinguish which ones were whose.

Me: Here are their tickets *hands him two senior tickets* and here's mine *hands him adult ticket*
Him: Okay…*to the others* you two can go in, *to me* you can't.
Me: What?
Him: This ticket doesn't work.
Me: *looks at ticket, trying to see what the problem is* But we just got it from the ticket window a few minutes ago!
Him: You could switch tickets maybe with the others, but you can't get in.
Me: *totally perplexed* Are you serious?
Him: Yeah.
Me: Really?
Him: *stonefaced* Mmm-hmm.
Me: *staring at tickets, wanting to ask the guy AGAIN if he's serious but I'm in that awkward moment where I'm certain the other person is joking but I'd feel like an idiot to I press it*
Me: Okay...
Friend: *stepping in since they're waiting for me to come with them* Are you serious or are you joking?
Him: Eh, I'm just kidding. *rips off ticket stub and points us on our way*.

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Bad Service At A Sandwich Place

For lunch today my coworkers and I went to a local sandwich shop. I ordered my sandwich and paid with no glitches. My coworker on the other hand had a horrible time.

There was a big sign on the counter advertising a lunch special for $7.99 for a sandwich, a canned soda, and a bag of chips. He told the sandwich maker he wanted the combo and ordered his sandwich. When he went to pay his total came up higher than he expected. He asked the cashier/owner if she had done the combo and her answer was, "You have to ask for it. I never add the combo unless someone asks for it." That's fine, he said he wants it and she changes it to the combo. Then she tells him she has to charge him more because he had cheese on his sandwich, despite nothing mentioning an extra cost for cheese. In fact, the sandwich maker asked him what cheese he wanted on his sandwich, not if he wanted cheese or that it cost more.

He didn't make a big deal about that though, until the cost of the combo came out to be more than had he just bought the soda, the chips, and the sandwich individually. So the owner rings up the sale again to get him the cheaper cost. It came out to $9.15. He hands her $20 and 25 cents. She asks him why he's including the quarter. He says something to the effect of, "I don't want lots of loose change. I want a dollar instead."

What does the owner do? She hands him a dollar in change, but neglects to hand him the other $10 she owes him. He stands there dumbfounded and asks for the rest of his change. She makes some snide comment about how she thought he didn't want the $10, that he only wanted $1. She gives him his change.

After he walks out she says to the next customer, "I hope that guy has a better day!" This next customer was another of our coworkers.

To add insult to injury, this sandwich shop includes a free cookie with every sandwich purchase. We all got one, except the one guy. :(

He yelped about it and we definitely won't be going back to eat there for lunches.