March 4th, 2013

Pretty Tom

Cleaner suck

Dear Cleaning Lady,

I understand our house sucks fucking balls when it comes to being clean. I one hundred percent do not dispute that - the kitchens are gross because several housemates refuse to clean up to say the least. And you are well within your right to refuse to clean - in fact, I wouldn't blame you.

But what I do not appreciate?

You swearing and cursing all over the place, calling us fucking animals, and saying that your teenagers wouldn't create this fucking mess so would should you have to fucking clean it up and so on and so forth.

You know what? This is our home. We might still be living here. And it's not that professional. At all. You were employed for a service, and you have the right to refuse because it's not within your work boundaries to do a deep clean of the place every month that you come.

But you do not have the right to curse and swear and get all combative about it, slamming doors and knocking the hoover into stuff.

I do not object to one or two swears. But you're employed to do a job and remain professional. That behaviour was not professional. That is the suck.

No love at all,


Clarification - as a house, we do not officially employ this woman. I believe, though I'm not too sure, that our landlady has arrange all her terms and agreements. Thus, we can't fire her ourselves.

And no, unfortunately, I cannot sack the housemates. I'm not the head housemate, and I am not the landlord.


Also, dear community.

Bad service #2.

Our landlord broke our tumble dryer while attempting to fix it. Instead of leaving it for the maintenance guy, he was 'Have a go, Joe' and did it himself only to break the inside of the catch for the dryer.

Obviously, tumble dryer no longer working. Is it reasonable to submit receipts for the dryer down at the cleaners? Because I won't have those expenses if he hadn't tried to fix it....

Cheers in advance.

Still me.
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In which Ms. Cashier objects to my use of the free layaway service

After accidentally flushing my wedding ring down the toilet, I went to the jeweller to pick out a new one. Unemployed and unable to afford the immediate cost, I put the ring on layaway. This was apparently offensive and unacceptable to the cashier. Every time I went in to make a payment over the next several months, I had to repeatedly hear comments like, "Why don't you just pay it off? It's only x-dollars" and "I can't believe you're still paying on this." OMGWTF?!