March 2nd, 2013

hold you

Car dealership turned funny

My husband and I spent most of February car shopping. Mostly we had a pretty good experience, but there was one dealership that stood out.

We'd been looking at the Prius C, and test drove it several times at different places. We also test drove Hondas and Hyundais, and had been telling salesmen we weren't ready to buy yet. At one Toyota dealer the sales guy was very friendly and personable until after the test drive, when I perhaps belatedly told him we would not buy that day. And it was like a switch got flipped. He started questioning me hard and pressuring me and it was kinda uncomfortable. The manager continued the hard sell. As we left, we agreed that we wouldn't return to that dealership.

Later, I wrote a yelp review, no dramatics, just outlining it. Saying I'd been disappointed and we would look elsewhere.

And then it got funny. A few days later the general manager first called my husband and then left a reply to my yelp review, extremely apologetic and sincerely wanting us to reconsider. While on the phone my husband mentioned that one of his grandpa's lifelong friends is a greeter there, and I suspect that made an impression.

I updated my review thanking the GM for his apology and thought that was that.

Today, I got a private message on yelp from the GM, falling all over himself again, a form letter from the dealer, and a handwritten card from the GM in the mail! In the meantime, we bought a Hyundai, so it's moot, but I found the whole thing pretty funny...

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