February 26th, 2013

Bridal Woes

So I go to a local store in Dover DE, Simons Bridal, to look at wedding dresses because I am getting married in August. My mother and I are greeted by a very nice lady at the front desk. And then handed off to a bridal sales associate.

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TL;DR, Sales associate is rude and snarky.

EDIT: I visited the store in Milford DE and thanked her for being so sweet because I really bad experience at another store. She asked me "Oh was it Brit at Simons? I had brides calling me crying from parking lot. She is our best referral."
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My Own Fault, But...

The last story about wedding dresses has prompted me to post my own experiences here.

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TLDR: I bought a dress online from a 'UK' shop and found out it was a Chinese knock off site. Seller claims I'm being unfair despite admitting lying to me and stealing designs. Getting a refund after letting original designers know about the site.

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