February 16th, 2013

  • catlin

Meritrust credit union, central Kansas

Come tax returns, my husband and I are closing an account we have had for seventeen years. In the past few years they have begun more and more policies that -if- they are legal are bad service.

One- they have a charge that they did not announce when it began, of charging a service fee not just on things that go overdrawn, but on everything that CLEARS that day also. So say you have charges outstanding for 5.00, 2.00, and 3.00, but accidentally only had 9.50 in the account, they charge you the same fee for all three charges, even though the 5 and 2 dollar charges cleared.

Two- and again a new policy my husband and I never agreed to, that is not on the original loan agreement- if you have a loan, and you are late making a payment, even by a day, they automatically withdraw it from your checking account, even if it overdraws your account, then charge you an overdraft fee on it. And worse? They don't tell you they did so. I was informed on the phone by an accounts rep that they have no obligation to tell you when they withdraw funds from your account if you have multiple accounts.  (The policy on the paperwork we agreed to called for a fee if we are late, which was acceptable. With the hubby's job changing payroll dates, we are working on changing all our billing dates. We knew there would be a fee to cover the late payment until then.Going from a once a week payroll to once a month though takes some serious adjustment.)

All this would have been bad enough if their customer service was polite, but not once have they treated us like we were human beings when we called in with a problem, even when the problem was caused by their end. Once, I logged into my account and we were 300 overdrawn. When I added up all the actual charges on the account we had made, we had ten dollars left. We got overdrawn because somehow their system glitched and charged an unauthorized fee, that caused the huge stack of NSF funds charges as mentioned in problem one. Their customer service worker actually refused to refund the NSF funds when I called in. I had to take a print out of our bank account charges in to a branch in person and physically show them on their calculator that there was never an overdraft to get that money back.

edit: I did check the original documents. They do not mention this, but the woman on the phone claimed we were mailed an announcement of all changes with our bank statements... Except we get e-statements, and it is not included with those. Also, having posted on their Facebook a very much abbreviated message about this, a bank manager will be calling me Wednesday. I will let you guys know how it goes!

Second edit! I talked to a manager in the loans department. He not only reimbursed us for the NSF fees, he made a note in the accounts of when my husband is paid now for his new job, so this won't happen again, changing the effective due date of the payments by a week.