February 11th, 2013

Wind Mobility

I was with Telus for my phone for years, never had too much of an issue but when my contract was up I wanted to see what else was out there. I ended up going with Wind Mobile. Went, got signed up and used WindTab for a blackberry bold 9900. (WindTab = you end up paying the full amount of the phone but it's spread out through the monthly payments, so it's not really a contract and you can cancel but if you cancel you end up owing the full amount of the tab).

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tldr; Wind had crappy customer service, wind zones that didn't really work anyways and kept switching to roaming even in the middle of major cities, a cell that conked out fully within the first few days of usage, an employee who took my SIM card out and didn't give it back, a store that kept their phone unplugged on purpose... They let me return the phone and cancel my account, but are now taking me to collections for the amount of the phone - that I RETURNED - and neither Wind Customer Service or the store I bought it from are helping out at all, they keep pointing me to the other.