February 5th, 2013

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  • aeila

Home Depot Irritation

I don't know if this is bad service per se...but it's certainly annoying, and stupid to boot. Let me know if it doesn't belong here, and I'll get rid of it.

So, I go to Home Depot with my mom and my service animal around once a month. I find it to be a good 'training ground' for her. My girl doesn't wear a service animal jacket, so the people don't know that she is a service animal (not the issue).

Now, I understand that my girl is adorable. I understand some of the employees want to pet her and say hello. If they ask to pet her, I will always say yes. What really bugs me is when they just walk up and start petting her. I mean, really, who walks up to a strange dog and just sticks their hand in it's face?!? Thank goodness my girl loves people in orange aprons, but good grief...she's a 65lb German Shepherd. She could take off a few fingers before you could blink.

One time leaving the store, an employee ran over and reached ACROSS me to basically shove her hand in my dog's mouth. I had to stop in my tracks to avoid running into her. Yesterday, another employee snuck up behind me and started petting her while I was on the phone (Husband had a transportation issue). My mom and I were waiting while another worker split a brick, we were obviously being helped. I had no clue she was even there until she was right up in my dog's face. Because I was on the phone, and didn't need my dog distracted, I just walked away...and the girl went to stand behind the counter and pouted at me for the rest of the time I was there! Seriously...don't pout at me because I didn't let you stick your face right next to a strange animals teeth!

Edited to fix typo. Thank you all for your advice/suggestions!
Sheryl Nome

Pharmacy bad service

Pharmacies, at least around here, are also meant to provide information on where to access other NHS services. That said, if I go into one to ask where I can get a replacement for my contraceptive device, I do not expect a lecture on the evils of contraceptive, how I am damned to hell for using it, how many ways it contravenes God/Allah's will, blah de blah de blah. I just want to know where in this area I can get it replaced/removed when its lifespan ends. If I wanted to be proselytised at I would go to whichever place or worship is appropriate for the religion I want to learn about.

tl;dr I wanted contraceptive information, got religion instead