February 4th, 2013


As if being hospitalized wasn't bad enough...

I'm okay with being given a Bible to read. When it's my nurse's personal New Testament and she insists I should keep it because it's more important for me to read it than her, that's a little weird. When I don't read it and she puts it under my pillow while I'm in the bathroom, that's just creepy. ;_; (Also creepy is the same nurse grabbing my hands and staring me in the eye as she proclaimed that God put me on this Earth to save troubled young girls. The IV she was squeezing really appreciated that. I kind of wish I'd still been sick enough at that point to vomit on her.)

The same nurse also insisted that "nothing by mouth" meant "I'm not allowed to dilute this medication or let you rinse out your mouth afterwards," even though it was so vile that everyone else was diluting it with one or two cans of soda and it still tasted like rancid ass. And it's not that everyone else was bending the rules; the doctor who prescribed it joked that he hoped it didn't put me off soda forever, so I'm pretty sure it was meant to be diluted.

Oh, and the hospital managed to completely lose my belongings. All of them. (Except, of course, Creepy Nurse's Bible.) I would be completely screwed if I hadn't had the presence of mind in the ER to have my roommate throw my purse in her car. D:

tl;dr: man, I hate hospitals.

(But I want to hug the night nurse who managed to round up a cookies-and-milk feast at three in the morning when I was homesick and miserable. You rock. And so did the cookies.)