January 19th, 2013


Never paid, but promise to be paid

Back on November 15, 2012, I did a paid gig at a Christmas event, where I helped film. I'm a graphic designer. The actual work was super easy, and it lasted about 5 hours, and the gig was a $100 event, and I would be paid that $100 within a week.

So, a week passes and I'm still not paid. I ask my instructor at the graphic design lab what's up - as he is the one who told me about this - and he says that they just need some more information from me to wrap up payment, such as my social security, to make sure I am able to be paid in the U.S. and am a citizen, etc. Another couple weeks pass and I ask my instructor again what's going on, and he says he submitted all the paper work so I should be good to go.

I wasn't given any contact information or who actually pays me. At the event, I tried asking in what manner I would be paid, but everyone was like, "I'm not in charge of it, ask them," and such. My instructor has had others work at the event in past years, as it's an annual thing, and have been paid. But, apparently, there are always problems - or at least HAVE been problems.

During the break I gave my instructor all these emails basically saying WTF WHERE IS MY MONEH, because I thought it was his fault, as he said he was taking care of it. He refused to answer any of my emails, as he said that he needs to take a break. Annoying, but okay. After the break, he tries to contact them and it's an issue and finally they say OKAY WE'LL PAY HER JANUARY 18TH.

Oh, ho ho! I wasn't paid yesterday!

My instructor didn't give me any contact information, so it's not like I can go down there or email/call them and be like YO BITCHES I'M HERE TO CAUSE PROBLEMS AND GET PAID (well, not cause problems but whatevs).

I emailed two of my instructors today for contact info, hoping to get paid. But I'm afraid they'll be like, "Oh, you innocent, naive student, we are not letting you take control of this. We are only talking to your instructor about payment. Go away and be naive and let us take advantage of you." I was supposed to be paid within a week, and now it's been TWO MONTHS.