January 17th, 2013


The "Perks" of Being a Comcrap Customer

So yesterday I get a snail-mailed invitation to Xfinity Insider, which is apparently their loyalty program for customers with a certain level of bundled services. (For the record, I have TV, with HBO; Internet; and phone). I go to the website to check it out, but get a message telling me I must have high speed internet to access it. I already do have high speed internet through them. Then I'm linked to the regular comcast page, which, yes, only has me listed as having TV and Voice.

My next step is to go to their "chat with a rep" section, which turns out to be a major reason for this post. Chat's posted below. (Comments in parentheses are my reactions/responses after learning how the rep screwed up.) Collapse )By this time, I've wasted about 3 hours on what was supposed to be a reward for being a valued customer, but has turned into an epic fuck-up. So I ask the rep what he can do for me for my troubles. He says, "well, I could give you a premium channel, but you probably have them all." I don't, actually, so he gives me 3 months of Showtime. I'm happy to get that, but it sure isn't the perk I thought I'd be getting.

Cut to today, and the same problem still happens. I spend more time on Google, and find postings from people with the exact same issue going back to 2011. I'm still digging to find an actual solution, but I'm even more irked that it's not even a new problem.

ETA: The problem was still there up through last night, so after 24 hours had passed I tried the chat again (to see if maybe it could be fixed without being on hold forever). This time, the rep just asked for my email info, did some minor tweaking, and had it fixed in minutes. On the one hand, I would have preferred not to have wasted so much time on this. On the other, after reading the info I'd been looking for in the first place, the 3 months of Showtime definitely beats any perks of the program.

The final kicker? Today, a Com(post) rep from India, I think, called to ask about the service ticket on file for me. It mistakenly said that I couldn't access my account, nothing about the actual problem.

Son of ETA: I'd posted a similar, less detailed complaint on my LJ, yesterday. I just got a response from comcastcares5 with info on how to contact them. So, yeah, I guess the social media thing does work.
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