January 16th, 2013

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Update - House Foreclosure

This is an update to the two year drama of my inherited house that's been in limbo since Sept 2010 (when my mother passed away). Bank of America still has a black hole near their fax machine (though they did manage to update the name on the account to "Estate of Michelle Loeffler", even if they don't have a record of the twenty-four faxes I sent them.

Sadly (for me), they sold the mortgage to another company, who does have a working fax machine, so while they now recognize me as the executor...they're not willing to work with me to save my house in any fashion (except handing them $20,000 for the past due payments), so I will still be forced to leave my childhood home...but hey, at least these guys realize she's dead?

Honestly, even with all this drama upcoming (movie, saying good-bye, starting over)...I'm just glad this mess is over and I can put it behind me.
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Bad service on a road

My boyfriend and I were in his car. He was taking me to work. The glare from the sun was terrible. Even with our visors down we still couldn’t see a thing. Now, my boyfriend had an accident back in June. Since then he’s been quite wary on the roads and doesn’t break the speed limit. Ever. All of a sudden, a workman jumped out in front of us swinging his arms back and forth and yelling at us. My boyfriend slammed on his breaks and JUST about missed the guy. He came round to the driver’s side, so my boyfriend wound down his window to come face to face with the guy yelling at him.

“Are you blind?! Didn’t you see the massive stop sign in the road?”

“Sorry, I didn’t see a sign.”

“There’s glare from the sun,” I chipped in. “We couldn’t see anything. Sorry!”

“The sign is big enough. You can’t miss it,” the workman said. “And you were going too fast. You could have killed me. If you’re not careful you’re going to have an accident and end up killing someone!”

It didn’t stop there. He kept telling my boyfriend he needed to concentrate more, that even with glare he’d be able to see the sign. That he was breaking the speed limit and that he should be thankful he’s not calling the cops. He was very embarrassing. His tone of voice was patronizing. Better still, there were cars behind us that didn’t stop either, so either the sign was not there at all and he was mistaken, or the glare of the sun got other driver’s too. Oh, and my boyfriend was doing under 40mph in a 40mph zone. Breaking the speed limit? I don’t think so!

I’d class this as bad service, because even though the guy doesn’t have to deal with the public per say, he’s still doing a service on the roads, and he still had the gall to yell at my boyfriend and belittle him.

No bad service here.