January 14th, 2013

  • amigoid

He is flunking, so lets promote him?

My son is flunking his core classes.

We have restricted privileges, try to monitor his homework, etc. 
He is 15, and is a freshman in High School.    He is coping with our divorce from a year and a half ago.
He lives with me half the time, and the other half with his Mom.
I don't want to address the other issues in this post, we can go down all those rabbit holes later.

My question I want to focus on is how can a public school that is flunking him promote him to sophmore grade, where he will have to retake freshman core classes and also take a full sophmore load, too?  This sounds like CYA on their part, rather than have a statistic of a student being held back.  I would rather he be held back, and forced to retake the freshman grade.  Perhaps the stigma of being held back will motivate him to do better.  As it is, he sees that he doesn't have to try, and still gets promoted.

Cherry Creek School District in Aurora, CO.   Smoky Hill High School